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A Time for New Ideas

Charles41 Wrote: Dec 14, 2012 11:16 PM
Sell all federal land to individuals and trust them to maintain it. Defund Dept. of Edu. and EPA and cut all federal give away programs down to one with one tenth the federal employ's to run it. Go back to the tax rates we had under the most amoral president ever and cut spending to the same rates as well. Stop sending our money to countries which demand our death and actively seek to take over governance of such promising them safety and secure business environs in return for our tax rates. There isn't enough room here.

Peggy Noonan argues that now is a time for Republicans to come up with new ideas -- not just new messaging, but new ideas.  So let's try it (feel free to contribute in the comments!).

She advocates:

1. Breaking up the "too big to fail" banks;

2. Doing away with the carried interest deduction.

In a powerful piece yesterday, Victor Davis Hanson made some excellent suggestions, too (some presumably with tongue in cheek), but among them are:

1. Those who leave government and immediately make $1 million or more pay 50% in income taxes;

2. End state subsidies and...