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I learned an interesting tidbit of history recently about the Nobel Prize for Peace. In 1938, it was very nearly given to Hitler. The committee was deadlocked between Hitler and Gandhi ( I didn't realize they were so much alike) and wound up giving it to their number 3 choice. It makes a person wonder about the credibility of the prize.
Have kids actually been doing this, or has someone only imagined that it might? Is it a problem in real life?
Michelle is right that we shouldn't play politics with our children's lunches, but she started it,
Did she come up with this on her own, or was an idiot non-Mexican professor behind it?
What is so insensitive about saying we like food from other cultures? It should be a compliment.
Many of the "fragments" are not small; they contain the equivalent of several pages. Furthermore, they overlap, with several containing the same sentences; some contain what came before, some contain what came after. It's like fitting together a jigsaw puzzle.
"So why would an all-powerful God rely on ancient texts? " He didn't. For the early part of Christianity He relied on eyewitnesses relating what they had seen and heard for themselves. Later He relied on educated, literate men to pass on what the eyewitnesses had written.
"the fact that the Roman church didn't select all of the books available to them when compiling "the Bible"?" A couple centuries of use had winnowed out the chaff. For the most part, they only validated what was already common belief about which were scriptural. "Approximately 5,000 Greek manuscripts containing parts of the New Testament have been identified, and they differ from one another. " Only in minor details of no theological significance. Professor Ehrman claims that they are forgeries only because he doesn't want to believe what they say.
"I think the key idea here is that these texts are clearly the product of fallible men." That's your opinion, unsupported by provable facts.
John wrote that he knew Jesus personally and was an actual witness of the events he wrote about. What proof do you have that the writer was not the disciple?
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