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Why Political Oscar Speeches Stink

Charles2169 Wrote: Feb 27, 2015 12:04 PM
Depending on where they got it, many with Ph.D.s don 't know much of importance.
Not if it was panned because many people didn't like the message. Anyone who presents the Christian message accurately will receive much criticism.
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The Hollywood Traitors

Charles2169 Wrote: Jan 12, 2015 10:32 AM
Despite the card, she wasn't a Communist. She said that the whole family did it to please her senile grandfather. She was investigated, and her story checked out. As her Husband, Desi Arnaz, said, " The only thing red about her is her hair and even that isn't real."
Does this video imply that Obama isn't any of those things?
If you think the life of a minster is easy, you haven't met the 95% who aren't on TV or have mega-churches. It's a job I don't think I could handle.
However, he admitted that others were supported by those they ministered to, and he had no condemnation for them. Jesus Himself didn't earn a living during His ministry but was supported by others, particularly a group of women.
The number of volcanoes erupting has been increasing recently.The dust they throw into the air will tend to cool the earth. In the unlikely event that CO2 does cause global warming, we need more of it to counteract the cooling caused by volcanoes.
God also spoke to Abraham and made those promises you say He didn't make.
John wrote that he and hundreds of others believed because they were eyewitnesses. They had seen Him after His death, had touched Him, had talked with Him.
Sorry. I was responding to DoctorX.
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