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The number of volcanoes erupting has been increasing recently.The dust they throw into the air will tend to cool the earth. In the unlikely event that CO2 does cause global warming, we need more of it to counteract the cooling caused by volcanoes.
God also spoke to Abraham and made those promises you say He didn't make.
John wrote that he and hundreds of others believed because they were eyewitnesses. They had seen Him after His death, had touched Him, had talked with Him.
Sorry. I was responding to DoctorX.
What facts? You cited no source for them—no reason for us to believe what you wrote
By definition, 50% are below average.
Only the smart ones. The dumb ones believe it.
I learned an interesting tidbit of history recently about the Nobel Prize for Peace. In 1938, it was very nearly given to Hitler. The committee was deadlocked between Hitler and Gandhi ( I didn't realize they were so much alike) and wound up giving it to their number 3 choice. It makes a person wonder about the credibility of the prize.
Have kids actually been doing this, or has someone only imagined that it might? Is it a problem in real life?
Michelle is right that we shouldn't play politics with our children's lunches, but she started it,
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