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Illegal IRS Rule to Increase Taxes & Spending under Obamacare

Charles1759 Wrote: Aug 19, 2012 2:45 AM
Obama thinks he has the only magic that works while his is most powerful & authoritative he forgot that much of the Medicare property has LIENS on it & if those Liens are not paid & he attempts to destroy or damage or auction that property he will be unlawfully stealing the Medicare property & become liable to be arrested, judged, & serve prison sentences for every offense he commits or has magic committed for him. In the beginning Medicare had fewer dollars than it obtained ea year to help balance its savings, loans were made but with government subsidies of other programs most of which are state programs. If a intended usage state places a lien on the property that state must 1st be paid off of the LIEN AMOUNT, office sharing does it.
Rich L. Wrote: Aug 19, 2012 9:40 AM
Really? You think the zero sitting in our White House cares one whit about what is legal or illegal as he does it? You really are living in LaLa land. The commie ba$tard is hellbent on destroying the US in order to make the world "even". A typical leftist, commie, he believes that anyone or country that is better off than others must be corrected to be equal. Since he cannot raise up the loser countries, he must take down the better ones, starting with the US.

The written testimony that Jonathan Adler and I submitted for the House Oversight Committee hearing on the Internal Revenue Service’s unlawful attempt to increase taxes and spending under Obamacare is now online. An excerpt:

Contrary to the clear language of the statute and congressional intent, this [IRS] rule issues tax credits in health insurance “exchanges” established by the federal government. It thus triggers a $2,000-per-employee tax on employers and appropriates billions of dollars to private health insurance companies in states with a federal Exchange, also contrary to the clear language of the statute and congressional intent. Since those...

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