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Fear of innocent bystanders getting harmed by terrorist years later following the disclosure makes me wonder if any more American's were present there denying terrorist actions by stating ITS A VIDEO THAT THE TROUBLE IN THE STREETS ARE AIMED NOT THE US EMBASSY. How long must we fear harm to bystanders that know more about a video than they did secrecy matters of whom was in the building being attacked. Something as delicate as food - who provided food, or printing - who supplied common paper prints other than a copy machine, Reports - where do reports go to & by who's name was signing every report against terrorist that terrorist would get some details of Libya they should not have. Why don't someone that knows get approval of delicate wordings to be released since it will not happen ever again. We have more respect for our people in Libya than Libyan's have for themselves. Is the White House a dumbfounded office of jerks that refuse to deal with honest Libyan's. We are not the only people's on earth that want the truth to be realized so if that Obama Administration is narrow minded everyone needs to know why that is so formal a concern of the White House but not a formal concern of what happened.
Hows does arguments with Sharia Law operators par with the FLA Legislature, of the many representatives from FLA what Senator or Republicans would love to par off with others in the US Congress or be dragged into direct confrontation in Senate or House Committee Investigations. I think not many but if there are a few only to show support why not plan the future to cremate them properly with words that prevail in our U.S. Constitution. Its a pleasure I'm sure.
All Trade was terminated with the Ukraine back in January 2013, there was nothing to it and that makes me wonder now why such a grip over a civil conflict - it really is Russia but Obama Administration following a political lead against Russia rather than establishing a better tie with the Ukraine. Russia had been under a evil influence generated within the Ukraine for a long time since AOL took into their auspice to bring the Internet and the hackers had a field day esp those within the government of the Ukraine. First the browser was snipped down to de-establish a connection with AOL to receive payments which was to become a fake Internet provision making money for hackers and it was cheaper than AOL itself but the snag came in when officials out of Russia that tend to Russian affairs within the Ukraine found out the Internet Service was illegal, esp not licensed to operate in Russia and that is when the Russian Federation took in a eyeful to append it to chatter with the Kremlin and from there came a strike on AOL itself to force AOL to be licensed in Russia and AOL finally complied but became the first accused. The monetary gain hackers were achieving was in the millions of dollars to compare their gain to US monetary standards yet no American was hip to this matter, why. The future would have proven the money would be spent on weaponry and the scam grew into a massive fraud with anyone participating even if they did not know the installation of the AOL browser was fake in representing AOL itself. AOL wanted to claim the profits and recursed the instant Russia deemed a shutdown of the Internet Services which made it look like AOL was in cohouts with the criminals that ceased control of the Internet. It is stated that when the Internet undersea cable was cut that communist influence was to blame which was pointing towards the Chinese and Ukrainians committing fraud but the truth of who actually cut the cable depended on the cutting tools which had been sold by the Chinese occupying a seaport East of Greece which clandestinely worked with Lebanon shippers so to avoid taxed access to the Lebanon ports by Lebanon since they could transfer cargoes in the Mediterranean Sea easier than removing stuff to the dock then moving it onto another ship which was ironically time consuming plus all the paperwork was being held up by lunch breaks or people missing a days work awaiting for them to return to work to complete the task costing shippers more for having 2doit
It was a Shadow Government Obama was engaging in secretly yet did not provide enough security to make the leadership fold feel safe whatsoever as they wrote and exclaimed to compel against recent attacks knowing they would be next. Obama failed American leadership in Benghazi, he also fails to reveal the truth over weapon sales by Syria before Gaddafi was captured and whom in Benghazi had inside information about Gaddafi's financial dealings wit9h Syria and where Syria actually obtained the weapons from, was it IRAN?
I'm under estimating Obama because he intended to maintain a low profile before, during and after Benghazi, but we know the facts and the facts are speaking a entirely different scenario than the media wishes to relate with because it is Obama whom is attempting to be re-elected as President. Had the media concentrated on the ordeal unraveling a mystery and a profit Obama would be exposed to all voters and it would shadow against him immediately causing Democrats to be losers in the election totally even in the Senate. There was money lost in purchase of weapons, Syria did supply Gaddafi Missiles & could have obtained the crates from IRAN via Muslim Brotherhood & al-Qaida.
These facts would be a later consequence and would be a very nice uncovering by the Obama administration team fired up to obtain the information yet not fearful that the al-Qaida attacker would suspect a coverup and a setup just to eventually imprison them upon capture and that few who did suspect a setup made the decision to attack instead of cooperate with someone within the US Embassy Consulate regarding weapon sales.
Once learning of Roberto Calderoli actions wearing a t-shirt featuring a cartoon of Muhammad during his TV interview might could have caused a few defectors to spring up in anger resulting from Shariah (Islamic law) by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. A total of 11 attackers were killed but who got away undetected and what did they know about weapons and money used in purchasing weapons from Syria by Gaddafi making it clear a regime change was necessary to honor Libyans Gaddafi was fighting against attempting to save the population?
Of their organized group two brigade members who were beaten and two who were shot defending the compound, perhaps they could not be trusted as much. What they have done was a anti-Gadhafi movement was symbolically also an Islamic jihad on Western liberty itself angry at how Gaddafi engaged against them, they had members that knew quite a bit of weapon purchases and movement of weapons. I do not think it was a factor of the publishing of a sheet of Muhammad cartoons by a Denmark journalist against Muhammad to be a factor of their planning as much but that is how we would see a distance of their integrity transgress against American's in Libya.
There had to be a fraction of which connected to (the "rebels," the "martyrs," the Muslim Brothers, the whole jihad-happy crew in Libya and the wider Middle East. Uncle Sam, more or less, crossed to the "Other Side." It is this alliance or support for "martyrs" and their sympathizers in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria) within the ranks of the February 17 Martyrs Brigade to be knowlledgeable of what Gaddafi had been doing earlier with importing weapons from Syria that did not desire the US Embassy Consulate to know about but also at least one individual with the Obama administration that felt he knew how to contend with them to profit from the idea.
Ansar al Sharia ("Supporters of Islamic Law"), the al-Qaida-linked militia believed to have led the consulate assault in September, is a spinoff of the February 17 Martyrs Brigade, contacts among February 17 Martyrs Brigade leadership, the Muslim Brotherhood and the web of jihad-poison spun by Qatar's Yusuf al-Qaradawi and Libya's Ali al-Salabi -- the latter having been tapped by the Qatari dictatorship to distribute $2 billion to Libyan "rebels". The Obama administration had more information about the origins and conduct of these bad guys than would relate to the public about.
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