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This Administration has but one objective. Overthrow our beautiful nation. Nothing less.
Better yet, hang this traitor.
Here, ladies and gentlemen, we have yet another fool.. Just another lost soul. I pity you. who wants pity?
Again, you are a fool. Your parents may have been, tho I question this,in service to our God Blessed Nation, but you, Sir, are a fool. Your parents, not-withstanding their hoped for desires, IF they were there, failed with you. You are a total failure and absent even a scintilla of American Patriotism. You can go straight to hell now, rather than later, where as sure as I live and breathe, you WILL GO. You are just another ignorant and ill informed supporter of just another "Gimme". Your opinions mean nothing. Just another ignorant lost soul and your spirit will burn in Hell. You will have lots of Company; your fellow losers. Defeat for you and they is not a question of "IF", but "when". I pity you. I pity those who have been exposed to you. You are just another simple minded, ignorant, uninformed, freedomless, fool.
I hope you will understand. .YOU haven't the clearance to access this information. I am sorry for this. Were it within my power you WOULD have free and open access to this, .. I am sorry. You may choose to believe the veracity of this, or no.. You choose. But, in making that choice, just "take a good look" at precisely what this Un-American, bent on devastating our beautiful nation such that we cannot recover. Obama is a fake.. A total Pawn, AND evil in his in his intentions for our nation, our people, OUR FREEDOMS.. He is little more than a tin bucket would be dictator, taking orders from a secret, hidden, group who have been on this mission for years. Nothing new here. Other than the secrecy of the information sources that are partially shared here now.. I will go now..before I am discovered and murdered. This would be another murder by the force in Control here now, made to look like another suicide.. Hello? Open your eyes..THINK. Is there anything whatever, GOOD that this liar President, a fake, has done in his FIVE years? Nothing..Nothing at all..a liar and a cheat, and total fraud.. A puppet, a total liar and a phony. He MUST go.. soon.. he needs to be sent into isolation in his chosen part of the world where he can be with his fellow Muslims, before IT IS TOO LATE.
YOU epitomize the ignorance that put this OBOZO in office.. YOU know nothing about me, who I am, what I do, what I have done, who I know, where I have been, what have been my assignments.. You are just another fool and an ignorant fool. Your parents should feel shame for you, their ignorant product. You are just another lost soul.
Oh.. yes, of course. Kerry.. The creep who returned from his protected and non-combative position in Viet Nam and threw his few "medals" over the White House fence, as he falsely, lied, about what Americans tried to do in Viet Nam. Kerry is a liar, a fake, a phony, and a danger to the freedoms given to all Americans by our founding fathers.. Get rid of this infection, and all of his fellow liars, starting with the communist in the White House. This, before IT IS TOO LATE. Take our nation back, and the twisted, crippled, perverted members of the mainstream media MUST go also. Now..not later..NOW. Soon, should Americans by the hundreds of millions NOT act, IT will be too late! Unite. NOW..WAKE UP AMERICA!! If not for yourselves, then for YOUR CHILDREN. There can be a new future for America, this beautiful nation, with all that we have, our FREEDOM, for now.. but soon this will fade and disappear under a total tyrant controlled COMMUNIST President,and his evil supporters..EVIL AND IGNORANT.
The "reason" the new Pope has stated his position, in line with the current Muslim communist in the White House is because Obama sent a very secret Emissary to the Vatican and informed the Pope that if he DID NOT go along with him, that he would shut down all Catholic Churches in the United States. This is a very CLOSED SECRET, a meeting that lasted 21 minutes with the Pope, initiated by Obama. This is factual and true. Americans by the millions are misled and terribly uninformed, ignorant of what is being done to this nation. We have very little time remaining IF we are to keep our nation in a fashion that we will even recognize. MILLIONS of Americans must be organized and WE must demand the resignation, and subsequent deportation to somewhere in the world where those aligned with this MONSTER liar will NEVER ESCAPE... Take heed and THINK.
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