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Benghazi Denial Syndrome: Clinical or Cynical

Chark Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 1:39 PM
I don't believe Bush lied and neither does MI5. They still stand by their report on intel received, even after 11 years. Every intelligence service that had the capacity reported that Iraq had this capacity. Perhaps you don't remember the satellite pix of the truck convoys leaving Baghdad before the war started, but I, like many others, do. Did you, perhaps think that the Taliban should be left to their own devices (which they are now) after being responsible for 2,500 of our people being murdered? Stop perpetuating the myth!.

To a large group of Americans, the Benghazi story looks simple. Only the fog of politics and the media’s protection of the president obscure an ugly narrative.  This article is long because the extent of denial, dissembling, and delusion is hard to describe briefly.

It’s possible, though unlikely, there are reasonable explanations for the administration’s policies leading to September 11, for the command decisions made that night, and for the government’s still-shifting stories since about all that happened.

It’s not possible there’s an honorable explanation for the national media’s dismissive refusal to press...