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God and Jerusalem

Chaparral63 Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 10:54 AM
Iran is developing nukes openly, in front of the world, for all to see. More evidence than what is plain for all to see? It came to light that are working on nuclear detonators. But everybody (evidently, except you) knew they were developing nukes before this incontrovertible "smoking gun" was exposed.
I have never seen such vitriol in Townhall comments. For the record, I'm a staunch free-market, small government Conservative, and I am against illegal immigration. I think we need to seal the borders and implement a rational immigration policy. However, Bowyer is right about the reality that we're not going to get rid of the 12 million illegals in the country. Even if we cut them off from the legal workforce, they will simply work in the underground economy and with help from their legal relatives and American children. We need to make them "legal" but without the right to ever gain full citizenship (therefore NO votes for the Dems, who perpetuate the current situation because they believe they'll get more votes).
I did some pretty in-depth research of the IB program because I heard it was great so I wanted my middle school daughter to enroll in the program. Well, I found out that it is great academically, very rigorous, and --unfortunately-- an indoctrination into the Left's world-view. I'm a fan of Blackwell, but he's wrong on this one. Parents who want academic rigor without the Lefty indoctrination need to have their kids enroll in AP classes instead. These are also recognized broadly and come count as college credit.
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