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DOMA actively breaks the commerce clause. If this is finally overturned, all states will de facto permit gay marriage, since a contract signed in one state is valid in all states. And in fact we already have a domestic partnership license - your suggestion that we create a separate but equal license for SSM has been tried for 2 decades with violent opposition from teh american taliban. The simplest and most economical solution is to simply allow gay marriage, since it in no way effects you. Or is this really about something else for you?
I think I should really clarify here, fairness is an ethical construct rather than a moral one. In general, a good law covers ethical dilemmas in a way that minimizes harm and maximizes benefits for all parties, while a bad law simply pushes moral judgement onto an unwilling party without any ethical consideration. To wit, sharia laws (such as the prohibition of gay marriage) are harmful to society, while ethical laws (prohibition of jaywalking) are beneficial to society.
Ah, I thought this was a serious discussion. If you're going to use nonsense words like "evolutionism," I think we're done here.
A marriage is a loving relationship between two spouses, just as it was when Christ Himself walked the earth. Do you really think that gay marriage is a recent phenomenon? And your disparagement of the love between any two people speaks only about the lack of love in your own heart. Christ is love come to earth for us, and until you understand love, you cannot claim you speak for Him.
You should try reading the Bible rather than letting others tell you what's in it. Christ spoke against adultery and idolatery, never against homosexuality. Even Paul acknowledge the physical desire for sex is a normal part of life, and the very reason for marriage to exist.
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Is it Racist to Criticize Your Own Race?

changa Wrote: May 18, 2012 3:43 PM
It is indeed racist to criticize someone based on their race rather than their actions. Which means that yes, you are racist - but you already knew that.
Let's examine the facts: in the last 12 years we've cut taxes every year, and also cut spending drastically (except war spending of course). So when you accuse Reid of not being the one willing to meet in the middle, you have to remember that even Reagan was to the far left of this "middle" of yours.
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Why Do the Backwoods Bigots Get to Vote?

changa Wrote: May 18, 2012 2:45 PM
Oh, you're welcome to vote, Michael Brown. You should look up "Constitutional Democracy" and once you understand the concept, perhaps you'll understand why saying you should not be allowed to vote on the rights of others is a different thing than saying you should not vote at all. Ignorance is not a virtue Mr. Brown, and you should stop holding onto yours so tightly.
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