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The Bundy family has been on the land since 1870. there was no BLM in 1870.
Freedom means more. You are not a conservative. You are a marxist liberal.
Who are you that you say they should go home? Are you another sheep that is willing to give up your freedoms like nathan for security?
No kidding, Mary you are absurd.
"Umm, so violent rebellion is the solution whenever you perceive an injustice has been committed?" According to the founding fathers, yes. if you have exhausted all other remedies. I take ii history was not something you studied.
One of the Judges in a court where Bundy lost is a close friend of harry reids. yet you cannot see or accept that anything is wrong/ why is that?
Nathan, what ever you are, it is not a conservative, not even if you spell it with a small c. You are an out and out liberal.
In other words, you would be a good little sheeple. you have even admitted it.
"it is morally obligatory to obey the rule of law save in the most violent tyrannies. " Isn't that what we have become under owebama, and the democrats.
I see you are rooting for the marxists, and communists.
so was prohibition, it was a bad law that was soon repealed. perhaps, that is what bundy is trying to do.
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