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well, first you take away 3.5% in 2014, then you add an "increase" of .4 percent, and to you that is good. Really? Is that the new common core math?
8 billion, I thought it was more like 670 billion.
AARP is owned by a insurance company. AARP will do what ever is best for the insurance company's bottom line.
so, you are envious of he rich?
And just how many of those fast food workers will be able to afford that/
Like Detroit?
shouldn't that be bust?
Finger pointing is considered a level 2 weapon.
Next directive to be issued will be one word, "hide."
Why Mass? She could return to her birth place, New Jersey. You didn't really think she was a Texan, did you?
She was born in New Jersey. What do you expect?
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