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shouldn't that be bust?
Finger pointing is considered a level 2 weapon.
Next directive to be issued will be one word, "hide."
Why Mass? She could return to her birth place, New Jersey. You didn't really think she was a Texan, did you?
She was born in New Jersey. What do you expect?
wofatt, are you a chinese liberal troll?
Just stay in the dark. It is better for us.
Get a concealed carry permit. You can use it any day. The choice is up to to you. i would suggest that you carry your gun every day, however just because you have a CCW does not mean you are required to carry your weapon every day. Again, I would suggest that you do carry every day. I would also suggest to you, that you get direct deposit. It does away with someone trying to rob you, after you cash your check. The money goes directly to the bank.
there is no cure for stupidity.
It may work for Mass.. it won't fly in Texas.
they were trying to get evensie for trayvon.
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