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That=Taking EVERYTHING, whether it's good for us or not, and trying to SPIN it to seem as if ALL THE WORLDS PROBLEMS ARE CAUSED BY OBAMA! This is NOT about politics! It's about the HEALTH of our children! Remember them?
My point exactly! NOTHING has changed, except that our kids are being fed HEALTHY FOOD! What about this don't you people get? It's not as if we (adults) always liked what they fed to US in school! I would have taken fresh fruit and veggies over the slop they fed us any day! Am I missing something? Did there USE to be a real CHOICE in what our kids were fed and now all of a sudden the Government has taken away those choices? Or did they just take a menu consisting of empty-calorie, grease-soaked "food" and turn it into something HEALTHY for the body? Seriously, I'm asking! Because to me the people complaining seem mighty UNGRATEFUL!
BRAVO @YOU, smiller! Well said and TRUTH!
The sad thing is that this has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with feeding our kids that which is healthy! Why are you making this political, when the fact is, the Gov. has been telling schools what to serve kids ever since the school lunch program began?! It makes no sense to get mad because our kids are now getting what their bodies need to thrive and not become obese! This is a huge problem (obesity)! And so is the fact that our children are getting sicker all the time! Absolutely NOTHING has changed, except for the future of our children's health! But, ANYTHING to try and make it seem that the OBama's are BAD! IRRATIONAL, TOTALLY.
Do you think you might be blowing this a "LITTLE" bit out of proportion?
Let me try to get this straight.....school kitchen workers are loosing their jobs because kids are being fed HEALTHY FOOD??.....And some "parents have been deemed unfit to provide lunches for their kids". So.......These school lunches could be the only decent meal these kids eat all day? So you think that this one meal they eat should not be one that is balanced and healthful? Has the whole world gone mad?!
HEAR! HEAR! Yes, vote out those nasty people who are feeding our kids all those horrible fresh fruits and vegetables! That makes perfect sense!
You say "how dare they tell parents what and how much their children should eat?!". Are you insane or just stupid? "They" have been doing this since school lunch programs began! "They" are GIVING your children FOOD! And now, they are serving them REAL FOOD! If you don't like that they are feeding your kids that which the human body actually NEEDS to thrive, then pack them a lunch filled with Bologna, Potato Chips and snack cakes! No one is FORCING them to eat what is healthy.
I agree with you totally. So, we are trying to give kids what their bodies actually NEED to thrive, and people are complaining about it? Sure, whatever.
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