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Donjindra, are we your children that you should" knock some sense into us"? Are you claiming some superiority or authority. You certainly don't seem to possess the level of Academics to claim superior reasoning. You are picking arguments over a Book read daily by most of your opponents here. How often do you read that same book, except to further an argument?
Jesus knew that just the presence of weapons for His defense was sufficient. The same applies today.
Do you really think that Jesus talking to Jews 2000 years ago about the Jewish authorities was giving you a message today. Yes the Jews should submit to their leaders, just as they did back then. As citizens of a Democratic Republic, our authority is the Constitution of the United States of America. We as citizens and those in government are under that "authority" which God did put into place. First, you must understand "context" and next you should understand the law by which our "government" operates. As a former "government employee", I had to "VOW" to uphold the Constitution not a monarch. As US citizens we respect our leaders, we do not serve at their pleasure.
God gave me the wherewithal and the ability to own and use a cocked 45, 357, 22 or any other caliber in my possession. I thank God every day for the ability to protect myself and my family.
The state of fear will come when those guards, soldiers and police as well as the criminals are knocking down their doors and taking away their God given rights. They now know that over 30,000 concentration camps existed under Hitler and his fascist regime, yet the unarmed citizenry pretended to not know what was happening. We are not in a state of fear with a cockable 45 within our reach.
annfan, you are so correct. People like Erik16 also think that Noah's Ark was "spiritual". They try to allegorize and spiritualize uncomfortable scriptures so as to make them fit their perspective. Jesus know that if Peter were not armed that he soldiers who came for Him would have killed him there in the garden. Why can't people realize that the Bible is literal most of the time.
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