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Very convincing rejoinder, Mike. In the absence of an argument, demonize the debater. Good job.
Ok. I guess you're right. Outlaw cars ! !
OK. We have a system to solve that, Mike. It is called the free market. I for one trust it to work. It has a hell of a good track record. Progressives just cant image some problem that should not be solved by us smart people passing laws. There are many problems Mike, where the solution is DO NOTHING.
Ahhh. Another progressive that thinks he is conservative. You and mike should form a club. Progressives Anonymous maybe?
First - probably not true. But anyway --- So What ?
I hate to agree with lois. But she is right. Mike you have nothing but your fragile beliefs to back up your position. What data there are seem to show the opposite of your prejudice.
You hit a hot button, Mike. "conservatives" that want federal law to enforce there favorite personal beliefs regarding MK, gays, etc ARE progressives. They just dont have the courage to admit it to themselves.
Yup! And lets outlaw cars. Lets outlaw McDonald's. Lets outlaw over-exercising. Lets outlaw choosing a low cost health insurance plan (ohh, I guess we did that). Or, lets outlaw wayne and start restoring America.
Bingo George ! ! While you make a very good (and substantiated) point - so what? It is not the job of the federal giverment to engineer my personal behavior. Unless I missed something in that pesky old Constitution ? ?
We don't require that some "good" will come out of eliminating the scourge of the war on drugs. The only tests are my individual rights and the protection of other citizen's individual rights. As for your prediction about CO and WA. I wish I could challenge that silly belief of yours with a wager. But I guess the forum does not allow that. Easy money for me.
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