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Outstanding piece, Shawn. Thank you
My what a surprise ! So all this time, we thought government bureaucracies were efficient, effective, fair, responsive to customers etc ? C'mon ! A very few are necessary evils. Most are just evils. Jeeesh !
I suppose, George. But never forget - you cannot have government without waste, fraud, and abuse. Its like having a river without water. Impossible. All you can do is minimize it by minimizing government. No other way. The founders knew this of course - hence limited enumerated powers. Edmund Burke knew this -- "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely."
Actually the term comes from Marx. He proposed that the important decisions must be made by bureaus of experts and not left to the uneducated and stupid citizenry. It was a positive term. Being a bureaucrat was a good thing.
We know its a lie. They know that we know its a lie. They are so confident of their power that they just tell us to pound sand. This is exactly the behavior we see from the other dictatorships. I guess we know where we stand.
Amen. But not Some other veterans - ALL other veterans. There should be no VA hospital/clinic system at all. See my post above.">Post by Curt Grina.
VA hospital system must be privatized. The other programs...dunno. VA hospital system is an immoral invention of huge government that is designed to benefit huge government and nobody else. It IS POSSIBLE to get excellent health care without inventing a $57,000,000,000 monument to statism.
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AEI: Ban Bossy Fact Check

CGinColo Wrote: Apr 22, 2014 10:51 AM
what, specifically, have we lost?
The democrat party is a coalition of moochers. Mooching is all they have in common since their respective favorite "needs" differ widely. It surprising how much better they are than republicans at making sure their common interest trumps their differences. This is an exception and a big one. The union moochers want more loot and the ecowacko moochers want to punish the producers by killing the economy. We should be pouring gasoline on this fire.
Yeah. But is all about Freedom too.
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