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Values are by definition confused. Thats why progressives like them. Values are judgement about one feels at the moment about some question. They don't mean s__t. eg. - tell me. What are the "values" of the liberal movement?
For the same reason that similar terrorists invaded Charlie. Terrorism committed United States government employees is called law enforcement. Aka tyranny. Look up Audrey Hudson.
I see a very close parallel between the Charlie invasion and the invasion by United States Federal agents, armed to the teeth in order to stop Audrey Hudson from telling the truth. In our case, the terrorists were government employees.
"...A 400% increase in drug crimes might be considered a big deal...." Yeah. Went from two to eight. BFD.
Gotcha coldfuse. BUT. . if you eliminate the incompetence then you have eliminated the VA hospital monopoly. So why not just be honest about it going in? Getting rid of few bureaucrats who do what bureaucrats do - - is just drama intended to distract you from the true issue. Running a soviet-style monopoly in "competition" with the real health care system can never work. Laws of nature.
BFD. Who here thinks you can turn a multi-billion dollar federal giverment monopoly into a high quality, competitive institution? When has that EVER been done in the history of mankind? Lets be clear. VA Hospital system is the largest experiment in pure socialism in the USA. It canNOT be fixed because it is a federal monopoly. Can you change some cosmetics and make an elephant into a flower? Same thing. Laws of nature. All this garbage about firing people is political drama intended for the dupes that fall for it. Our veterans deserve better. Our US healthcare system deserves to not have billions siphoned off to a socialist quagmire. Please folks. Quit falling for this silly drama and demand that the VA hospital system be returned to the land of the free that the Vets fought for.
I agree. But non-career politicians (aka caring citizens) would be interested and that would restore our country.
Government works for government first. Left over energy sometimes benefits "the people". Not just the state department - all government. Thats why we used to be guided the principle of Limited Government and Enumerated Powers.
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Obama Has No Middle East Strategy? Good!

CGinColo Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 9:55 PM
I am a deeply committed Constitutionals Conservative. AND I think its time acknowledge that our foreign policy for a looong time has been a disaster. Paul is right. Just get out of there and wait for ISIS to implode. It is not the role of our government to try and stop them if they are not attacking us. I won't say obama is right because he does not have a clue. If he is Ever right, its an accident of coincidence. Can you argue with Paul's POINTS without embarrassing yourself with name calling? Irishmensa? WJF? What besides a lot of dead and maimed American patriots did we get out of the Afghanistan war? if you can't answer that persuasively and compellingly, then I say it was a huge mistake. Its time to stop repeating history folks.
"You're the problem, Henry. People like you believe the Great Depression would have just "worked itself out" without Keynesian policies." We don't "believe" - we "know with certainty" that the Depression was made deeper and longer by socialist/keynesian policy. Not to mention the devastation we got as after-effects of FDR trying to save the economy. You need to read up on something besides socialist propaganda, EssEff. You are just plain wrong. I guess you would rather stick with wrong than learn what's right? Read this, then come back and tell us about how FDR saved the economy.
I'm not sure you are right, Henry. But business running most things in a state is a lot better than anti-freedom statists from any party.
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