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This administration has violated every amendment to the Constitution. I don't understand why there hasn't been one brave soul that would call them on it, and have him and the others jailed and tried for Treason. After all, he can give arms, aid and comfort to our declared enemies, and no one seems to think that what he is doing will come back and haunt us after he is gone.
Dr. Zinj, While you think that it is a quick measure to behead someone, it isn't with these spawns from hell. They take their time, and kill you like a goat. Knives are not necessarily sharp they can be blunted. It would be more merciful if they did use a scimitar, but they don't. It is the cruelest and most gruesome of ways to die.
They hope we are ignorant of the facts, while we were schooled on waterboarding while Bush was still in office. It is not torture, leaving someone naked to shame them is not torture, threatening them with dogs *(never bitten) is not torture, taking a photo of them naked with military women is not torture. Chopping one's head off, disembowling them, or making the mothers watch while they cut their children in half IS TORTURE....please get your positions on this matter sorted out, because we will be making another very important decision in 2016 when Congress and the President will be up for election. God help us all through this lame duck president.
They will not call it Terrorism because: Everything that i have seen Obama do, versus what he says, indicate to me that he is sympathetic to the Terrorists. The release of the CIA report by Diane Feinstein and the Liberal Demoncrats this past week exemplify what is truly the real Demoncratic Party. A Muslim is permitted to lie to their enemies, if it accomplishes their destruction or diminishing. Everything Obama and Holder have done shows me that they are not Christian men, but something very different than that. I also believe that in order to get the men and women in the Congress to lockstep, they mus have quite a dossier on all of them. Normal free thinking men/women in our Congress have always for the most part kept to their Oath's of office and to the tenants of the Constitution, this is the very first one where most of the members waffle and go with the most Liberal response to everything. Obama has their necks, i truly believe this.
What is it with these people. I know Mitch McConnet doesn't want the government to shut down, but this is the worst decision they can make and stay in power. Its time to look at the Tea Party and the ultra conservatives more closely, we need to have a fiscal conservative in the White House. It is true that nothing the Republicans do now will fly until they have more power in January. This bill is supposed to only be for 3 months, but they should tear it up kicking and screaming so loud that the media has to take notice. Obama needs to stand alone in his white room for the next 2 years so people will see that he is the damaging force in all of this chaos.
I would add that any rule or expense must go through the Congress to approve and appropriate. NO individual budgets anymore.
Those are all really good ideas. We still need to give the Congress a veto proof majority.
It is true, and if you take all of the fraudulent votes thrown out, Romney won the election. It never ceases to amaze me that the Democrats always want all of the votes counted, well i for one agree with that. Where i disagree is they also want the duplicate, triplicate votes, the over 100% votes for a precinct that has a history of having only 47% of their electorate votes counted....Oh yeah and the ballot stuffed votes counted too, where the precinct workers open the sealed boxes and throw in another few handfuls of votes *dead people, dogs, etc.* into the box then re-seal it. Those need to be counted too. COMMON PEOPLE, what will it take to get rid of these thieves and liars out of there. I agree, give the Congress a veto proof majority and then have Obama Impeached then tried for Treason, Get Reid and Pelosi out of DC, and eliminate every alphabet soup agency. Have every law reviewed for constitutional muster, and start over with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Oh year, we need to pass a claritive rule for the Judiciary that they are not, in fact, appointed for life...... Here we go.......
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