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I would add that any rule or expense must go through the Congress to approve and appropriate. NO individual budgets anymore.
Those are all really good ideas. We still need to give the Congress a veto proof majority.
It is true, and if you take all of the fraudulent votes thrown out, Romney won the election. It never ceases to amaze me that the Democrats always want all of the votes counted, well i for one agree with that. Where i disagree is they also want the duplicate, triplicate votes, the over 100% votes for a precinct that has a history of having only 47% of their electorate votes counted....Oh yeah and the ballot stuffed votes counted too, where the precinct workers open the sealed boxes and throw in another few handfuls of votes *dead people, dogs, etc.* into the box then re-seal it. Those need to be counted too. COMMON PEOPLE, what will it take to get rid of these thieves and liars out of there. I agree, give the Congress a veto proof majority and then have Obama Impeached then tried for Treason, Get Reid and Pelosi out of DC, and eliminate every alphabet soup agency. Have every law reviewed for constitutional muster, and start over with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Oh year, we need to pass a claritive rule for the Judiciary that they are not, in fact, appointed for life...... Here we go.......
We all need to talk to our neighbors, friends and family to let them understand what is at stake. Some need convincing and i thinks at this stage of this fight for our Country and our Freedoms, there are enough who understand and are willing enough to help them know the concepts that we are voting for in the future. Just talk to someone from Cuba, or from Venezuela or Russia, they understand what is at stake, they are incredible assets to help people know how communism and socialism work. Put together a living room tea, or a community hall conference, it is easy to do and we only have a few month's left to help people know that if we allow the Democrats and Obama to succeed again in 2014, there will no longer be an America! God help us all.....
It is up to brave and unwavering people, to do the correct thing as citizens. We are the Constitutional authority, not the Congress, not the Judiciary or the Executive. They have usurped our authority.....so what do we need to do?
It is already here!
Did he not even cheat here? Look how many stories have been shown that his supporters voted twice, or stuffed the ballot boxes (Florida) or threw away ballot boxes in areas known to be Conservative (Ohio), or even changed ballots that were already cast? How many actual legal and certified votes were cast, and would he still have beat Romney? I don't think so, he cheated and called us liars and malcontents when we yelled out "Foul".
When the son of a muslim is born, or in Obama's case adopted, he is a Muslim...period and end-subject. Even though he sat in the Church of a radicalized Christian, he is still a Muslim. Our nation was built on the premise that God was the utlimate arbetor in our society, Obama can not uphold that premise because it is against his Muslim faith. There is no sugar coating this fact, and those who continue to accept the lie that he is other than Muslim, can't hardly understand that Obama is doing everything in his power to undermine the integrity and the security of this Country. Can it be called Treason? Just look at what he has done, which is always contrary to what he say's. Obama is a Muslim all the way.... now what about Michelle?????
Whaaaa So you believe the constitution is a living and breathing document like Nancy Pelosi does?
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