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I am curious about the poll in general. For instance, the final group on the list. How did this poll find 7% of conservative republicans at any time during his presidency that had any approval rating for him?? And supposedly 5% of conservative republicans still approve? Hmm. I am a conservative and at no time during his presidency did I have an approval for him. Not even before he was elected. He has lied about his background, his associations with radicals and terrorists, sealed all records about himself to keep the American citizenry from finding out anything about him, has violated the constitution repeatedly, has lied repeatedly and continues to do so and has nothing but contempt and disdain for all things republican, conservative or anyone else that doesn't kiss his behind. I do not know of a single conservative who has ever approved of him. So if that small accounting at the bottom of the list is false, how much can the rest of the stats be trusted?
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An Open Letter to Sarah Palin

cfreeman Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 11:10 PM
The tea party I belong to doesn't tolerate whining very well. And now that you have thrown your little tantrum, I would be very surprised if any one of any importance at all would want an interview with you. Wah, wah, wah
It is amazing that so many people in our nation have a short memory when it comes to history. I have a feeling if he gets reelected we will be seeing far worse than what we saw under heil hitler. And michelle is right in the middle of it with him. It is past time to rid our nation of people in high government offices that go against constitutional law. We must take our nation back in 4 days or it will cease to be the beacon of freedom for the world.
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