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Me, Me, Me: Obama Injects Himself at Boston Interfaith Service

cfortunato Wrote: Apr 18, 2013 7:25 PM
I feel sorry for YOU. Bashing Obama is an addiction: there's not a damned thing wrong with what he said, except to people obsessed with criticizing him, even when he's just expressing sympathy and showing solidarity. He's doing EXACTLY what a President is supposed to do. And that's what pisses you off.
mmercier Wrote: Apr 18, 2013 11:27 PM
Beating the bloody pulp out of w was considered noble sport.

Picking on a Kenyan Marxist is heresy.

The leftist orthodoxy is meeting the reality. In terms the left understands ... a hard swung 2x4 across the face.

I see the leftist collapse again... when everyday a miseducated twentysomething kid at work asks about getting a gun. They talk about obtaining a pistol like it is a icbm.

The problem the left continually faces is the nature of the individuals desire to survive.

JanineC Wrote: Apr 18, 2013 8:24 PM
A President is not supposed to interject himself into every tragedy there is.
Brainstrained Wrote: Apr 18, 2013 7:49 PM
...and your train arrives when?
AuroraORNick Wrote: Apr 18, 2013 7:31 PM
Is his wife proud of America yet, sweetpea? Would his daddy, mentor, preacher be happy now?

I feel sorry for him, it's an addiction, he can't help himself. He also tops off his one note hymn with a little self-deprecating humor. We are not worthy.