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Some teachers are corrupt. Here in Wisconsin we discovered just how corrupt when stories of leftist and union indoctrination started coming out during the mother of all political battles here over Walker's collective bargaining reforms. MOST kids in ANY demographic do NOT end up serving our country. The total percentage of people in the military since the draft ended is MUCH smaller than that.
If by "society" you mean churches and other volunteer organizations, I could agree. If you are speaking of "society" as the government, I can't imagine a worse idea. Government safety nets already exist. Being fraught with beaurocracy, they do not work in all cases. But the words "material support" confuse me. This woman did not appear to be lacking in "things" or finances, but rather in companionship. A government program to provide companionship? I can't imagine a worse idea.
Maybe it is. Maybe that was the point of Mike's column. Try to imagine that the only face to face human conversation you can ever have is with a bank teller because you live alone and your remaining living family members don't take the time to visit. And you are too shy to take the initiative to find organizations to join, or just doing occasional errands is such a chore you can't imagine managing any more trips away from your house. Is it axiomatic that every person behind that lady had reasons to be in a hurry that outweighed her need for human contact?
What Joan said has merit as well.
Talk about missing the whole point of the column.
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