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Mitt Romney, Big-Government Man

Cesar14 Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 10:36 AM
Bad timing... very bad timing... Why?! There is only one incumbent and it is Barack Hussein Obama, the man to be judged as a competent leader and for what he accomplished. What is the point on attacking Mitt Romney? Everyone knows he is far from perfect, but the time to try was long ago, during the Republican primaries and he was crowned with the task to defeat the incumbent. No, he cannot be judged because he has never performed as the leader of any nation. Yes, he was the leader in Massachusetts but that is a state infected by socialism, nevertheless, he has many accomplishments... Obama has none. Even his darling Obamacare of which he claims to be fond by the way is described, is a disaster. End of story, vote Obama out

President Obama tanked in the last debate. Good.

Now maybe people will listen when Mitt Romney says things like, "The genius of America is the free enterprise system, and freedom, and the fact that people can go out there and start a business. ... The private market and individual responsibility always work best."

They do.

But then Romney responded to Obama by essentially saying: I want big government, too!

We who hope for smaller government as a way to expand liberty and create prosperity are disturbed by what we heard last week. The GOP candidate painted himself as a big...