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Romney Can Win By Doing One Thing

Cepat2 Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 9:52 AM
While President Reagan surely was a spellbinder it is a fact that he was no more perfect than anyone else. Lets not let the gauzy past preclude doing good now. The choice could not be more clear in this election, and if your primary concern is style then nominate another Elmer Gantry the next cycle and have Obama2 as a reminder of how dumb it is to do so. Substance is rarely stylish.

PARIS -- Mitt Romney's biggest problem in this race isn't that he's wealthy -- it's that he lacks the sort of passion that can only be forged by trial and tribulation. It's one thing to articulate the principles of free-market capitalism and limited government as the solution to the country's current woes, but they have little effect when they can't be strapped to an emotional rocket and delivered in surgical strikes straight through voters' hearts.

Politics will always be about connecting with people. The most ingenious political policy is useless as ink on paper. To be of any value, it...