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Mitt Romney's 10 Best Lines, Quips, And Quotes From The Debate

Cepat2 Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 12:05 PM
Please wait for the adjusted numbers which inevitably go higher. The job numbers are skewed toward making the Dear Leader look first. The changes are then stuffed in the back of the report hoping to attract no notice. Kind of like the apology from Senator Reid to Governor Romney...still waiting.

While Barack Obama was playing golf and going on vacation, Mitt Romney was getting an education in the debate school of hard knocks from Professor Newt Gingrich. While Obama was being asked fluff questions by his supporters in the mainstream media, Mitt Romney was facing a hostile media that wanted to rip his head off his shoulders. While Obama was being endlessly complimented for reading stale, barely updated speeches from 2008 off a teleprompter, Mitt was desperately trying to sell himself to audiences that had been told he was a cross between J.R. Ewing and one of the Replicants from...