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Let the Real Fat Cats Pay Their Fair Share

Cepat2 Wrote: Dec 18, 2012 4:53 PM
This entire argument is silly. The world is comprised of haves and have nots. The mission of the haves is to insure that the have nots remain have nots. Thus the usurious taxes upon means, methods, and proceeds of production rather than consumption. Acquisition and accumulation of wealth has always been the province of the secularly powerful. Provident and prudent consumption has been the province of the spiritually enlightened. The transition between the two camps has been, and will always be, the struggle of our mortal experience.

Who exactly were the rich who, as the president said, were not "paying their fair share"? The rapper Jay-Z (net worth: nearly $500 million)? The actor Johnny Depp (2011 income: $50 million)? Neither seems to have heard the president's earlier warning that, "at a certain point you've made enough money."

Could both zillionaires simply have quit making money at $10 million -- and thereby given their poorer audiences a break on ticket prices?

With all the talk of raising taxes on the supposedly conservative wannabes who make $250,000 per year, why not additionally levy a $3 surcharge on discretionary tickets for...