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My Dad used to call this kind of thing "breeding steers" - all action, no accomplishment. "File a lawsuit"...that will fix'em. (sarc) Rather; pass bills every week that specifically target key areas of over reach and send them to the Senate forthwith then scream for action. Demand action at the top of your lungs Housemembers. Pass more, send more, scream more. Overwhelm Reid and don't let up on the pressure not matter what. As for the lawsuit - weasel words intended to give the appearance of action without doing anything meaningful.
The author's premise is sound thinking for most circumstances wherein a semblance of fair play exists. We are not in that circumstance. The Left is lying, cheating, stealing, obfustacating, parsing, and many other euphimisms for the first three named to continue the march to destruction. Standing calmly and resolutely behind our principles and engaging anyone who will speak with us will prevail. Pursuasion, even in the face of outright and outrageous lies, is the better path. Squishy simply yields more distrust and anger. Many Republican leaders have opted for squishy and I will not support such people in any way.
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The Next Generation Of Talking Heads

Cepat2 Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 11:10 AM
Your interview was that of a trained professional - well informed and read - attempting to elicit something, anything, of worth from a high school level journalist who has never been out of Mom's house. Surely someone at Huffpo must be capable of embarassment...somebody?
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America's Birthday

Cepat2 Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 9:56 AM
At least most provacateurs are minimally informed. You are simply an ignorant feces flinger hoping to hit something...maybe. How sad.
Cochran's lack of moral fiber is plain for all to see. The "Establishment" Republicans share the same lack of fortitude. The good news is that Cochran, Hatch, and the others who orchestrated this betrayal are getting older every day and will permanently "term out" sooner than later. It can be difficult to wift the wheat from the tares sometimes yet it will be done. Schlicter's blunt and difficult viewpoint is correct; either of these two MS peaches is better than a member of the opposing party - if if only barely.
Every day the mullahs wake up and think two things before morning prayers; 1. Is it a gift from God that the Americans are so incredibly stupid? 2. Will it continue, insh'Allah?
...argument... sorry.
How does it constitute a "denial" for employers not to be forced to pay for products/services/pleasures consumed by their employees? Especially when said products/services/pleasures are optional and entirely unrelated to the employees tasks? The only reasonable argument for contraceptives as an essential item to an employee would be if Ms. Fluke were employed in a brothel. She is attempting to enter politics so perhaps her arguement is preemptive?
Should the Senate change into Republican hands this election cycle it would be wonderful to see a couple of immediate steps taken by the leadership; 1. Inform Reid that NOTHING proposed by Democrat legislators will be considered, discussed, or even read in committee - nothing - for at least two years. 2. The Senate will administratively recess every 30 days for at least 10 days. No executive appointments will be considered for at least two years. 3. The Senate will coordinate efforts with the House leadership to formally impeach, prosecute, and find guilty the host of IRS, Justice, EPA, and Education officials who have violated the law with wanton disregard for the existing laws and regulations. The process will move apace and will not be subject to Democrat obstruction at any point. Mr. Issa's handling of Mr. Cummings should be the model used. 4. Pay no attention to anyone in the MSM and just march forward.
The three attributes clearly demonstrated by Ms. Adams : sincerity, kindness, and modesty. A wonderful lesson for us all.
Correctamundo. One smoking pile of metal would be the result.
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