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To show in the real world how crazy this law could be... I just heard on the news that a young girl was hit by a car while leaving school on a skateboard. Will her parents be charged with neglect because they did not personally take her back and forth to school every day? The fact that it was an accident does not matter to Progressives. In their playbook there are never accidents, only events that should have been anticipated in order to prevent bad things from happening. The really crazy part of their philosophy is the fact that they themselves are totally one-level thinkers. They're sure if it works in theory, it will definitely work in reality.
After reading the comments here, I'm wondering who participated in this poll? And how narrow a sample is it. Seems like people here and everyone else I've talked to think the whole idea is crazy and intrusive. More propaganda?
Wow! I could have written this myself!
Oh, yes!!! Right now we're trying to figure out how to keep the grandkids out of the indoctrination mill that our public schools have become. My husband's parents were educators. His father was also principal and superintendent. He told people years ago that God help America and our education system if the unions ever got hold of our schools. Thankfully he didn't live to see his prediction reach fruition.
I lived in a "Leave it to Beaver" time when in the summer children often left after breakfast and didn't return until dinner time. It truly was a safer time in most ways, but making laws criminalizing parents allowing their children to play outside alone is ridiculous. That should be left up to the parents not the government. What will be the parameters? Does that include playing in the backyard unsupervised? I got hurt more often in my own backyard than I did prowling the neighborhood. Someone needs to stop the progressive onslaught that is taking over the country. Progressives believe that each an every activity should have a law governing it or people will not use the "correct" behavior. My husband and I were analyzing neighborhood playgrounds the other day. No see-saws, no high sliding boards, no merry-go-rounds where the kids push it around and jump on, and no jungle gyms. I took my small grandkids to the park one day and watched them play. They're 2 1/2 and 4. They were having a blast on the do-nothing playground. But before too long it will be really boring. That's the definition of a progressive society. Boring - and scary.
I'm all for this. It might be interesting to read other religious philosophy. Like the blank paper idea. I'm really tired of hearing the atheists want equal time in public displays during holy holidays when they really have a non-religion. What's funny to me is they keep referring to Paganism as their religion. Shows you what they really know. I'm of Celtic heritage and while the ancient Celts were pagans, they grasp the idea of Christianity as soon as it was presented to them. They felt it was the missing part of their beliefs.
Seems to be going that way. Puts paid to the expression "there are no atheists in a foxhole". My question is, who then will our fighting forces depend on if not God. Just askin'.
You're right about that. I'm always trying to figure out where the "mainstream" religions are when there is a need to fight for freedom of religion. Your guess is as good as mine and I haven't got a clue.
I do believe the Constitution says there shall be no interference by the government regarding religion at all. In reality all the "laws" made to stop public expression of religion are unconstitutional. I wish people would realize we have an establishment clause not a separation clause in the U. S. Constitution that says the government is not to promote nor deny any form of religious expression.
This is so typical of liberals. Bring up some ridiculous, inconsequential error as if it were the be all and end all of stupidity and you are so bright as to catch it. One of the main reasons the left and the right can never have meaningful policy discussions.
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