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I'd be happy with somewhere in the middle, one person/one vote.
His "jobs" bill ? I suggest you go to Denver where you can smoke legally.
Losing the women's vote inpart due to morons like Akin.
I agree that the Republicans lost at least two senate seats because of individual candidates spewing nonsense about rape. As Scott Walker has proved - fiscal conservatives can win even blue states if they do not go nuts about social issues.
PLEASE - not Sarah Palin. That would be a guaranteed disaster. We need a strong fiscal conservative that does not turn off the social conservatives. One big reason Romney lost in my opinoin was because of the brutal primary, where even Newt bashed his business background. The Dems were fortunate not to have a primary challenge. They had months and millions to savage Romney in states like Ohio. Their strategy of kill Romney worked, but it was fairly close. How is Obama, who ran as a community organizer, going to govern now that he has divided the country even more ? It will be a nasty ywo years unless he totally remakes himself. Next presidetial election will be an open election. Who will the Dems run ? Biden ? Hillary
Who among those who ran in the primaries could have done better ?
Yes - that is the untold story.
He is not going back to Chicago, he is buying a very expensive place in Hawaii.
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Romney Didn't Make the Sale

Celticlight Wrote: Sep 01, 2012 6:16 PM
His family (grandfather) moved to Mexico to escape Mormon persecution in the USA. His father was born in Mexico. They were doing well there when the Mexican Civil War broke out and they fled back to the USA. His father never went back to Mexico, he went to Michigan where Mitt was born.
Depends on how you define the word "isn't".
Do don't go from being a pro-life "Reagan" Republican to supporting Obama - unless 1) you lied back then or 2) you are a slick, slime ball politician of the worst degree. I think it is 1 and 2.
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