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Is anybody offering apprenticeships for middle-aged career changers? My husband and I both find the education industry to be intolerable, and need to get out. But after 20 years of teaching, we don't have other marketable skills (no, we're not sales people). I wish I had learned a trade so I could build cabinets or something.
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A Censored Race War?

celticknot Wrote: May 15, 2012 8:41 AM
I can't tell if this is sarcasm, or if you mean it. Since I'm not aware of any Democrats who are capable of sarcasm, either you need to make it more obvious or change your name. If it isn't sarcasm, you have had way too much Kool-ade.
Conservationists want to conserve what never was. The pristine wilderness they want to protect is nothing but a figment of their imaginations, fed by Hollywood. If they want to let "Mother Nature" have her way, any fire caused by lightning should be allowed to burn. Darwinists belieive in survual of the fittest, yet don't want unfit species to die out. Cognitive dissonance.
You mean "Employment Prevention Agency"
This is not just about Comedy Central! Most churches are organized as corporations for legal liability purposes. If this passes, churches will not have freedom of religion. Churches would not be able to speak from the pulpit about This is National Socialism. Everything isprivately owned, but they can only do what the government tells them to.
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