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The point is if the person voted Democrat on June 3rd then voted Republican on June 24th, his/her vote is null/void regardless of who the vote was for. That person's vote is removed from the totals. If enough votes are removed from Cochran's count then he could lose.
Then the MS GOP and Gov. Bryant need to hold off on certifying the election results until the reviews are completed. The push to certify is another way of preventing McDaniel and his supporters from challenging the results.
Mississippi HAS Voter ID. It debuted in this primary cycle. Ironic that it passed without a hitch and not a peep out of the anti-voter ID crowd. As for the crossover voting, I'm all for it as long as the person didn't vote in the other party's primary on June 3rd. That's the twist. It's illegal to switch then to vote in the runoff.
*they are, not there are.
I understand you're frustration but I see this another way...it's not that he doesn't know where his constituents stand on the issue of voter ID, he is "testing the waters" to see where he wants to stand during his campaign! Politicians do little or nothing without polls or media reports to support or oppose their positions. There are prostitutes of popularity! Where the wind blows, so go I! He knows, he just wants to have documentation to back his play OR it's rigged to defend him standing against voter ID. Regardless, polling is a joke. I'm almost 50 and have NeVER been polled in my entire life! My mother is 70 and neither has she. So who is the "majority" in all these polls?
Won't Hillary be surprised (again) when Barack Obama upstages her, nullifies presidential term limits and gets re-elected or just, finally, declares himself King!
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