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Well Played, Republicans

Celsius Wrote: Dec 21, 2012 7:34 AM
I cannot believe that you assign the main purpose of the Dem party to someone else. What is going to happen to social security and medicare when the Dems will not change either one. It could be that they just want to tell seniors that everything is ok to get votes or the Dems are just plain ignorant. Probably big amount of both.

Yes, that's sarcasm.  

Rather than vote for a plan that would have allowed the GOP to argue that Democrats were taking America over the cliff as a result of their refusal to back their own leaders' previous plan to raise taxes on those making $1 million per year, the GOP will now be blamed for taking America over the cliff as a result of a stubborn refusal to back tax increases on million dollar earners.

Yes, I wanted John Boehner to step down before wanting him to step down was cool.  I've not been a huge fan, but he...