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The woman is just plain dumb.
If the rape was not reported to the police, it never happened. Reporting it to the university means nothing. Rape is a crime. Any girl who goes to a bedroom on the second floor of a place where men live, be it a fraternity or not, is a fool. This would apply to coed dorms. Girls: You get the freedom you asked for. With freedom comes responsibility. That includes drinking too much and the results of that drinking.
We are all sorry when someone loses their life. However, how much we feel bad depends upon the kind of reporter they were. Did they simply report what happened or did they inject their own ideas as news. We have so many bad reporters that it is difficult to commiserate with them.
Vermont has been a land of kooks and idiots. It is hard to believe that they actually figured out what everyone else knew years ago.
Anyone with half a brain knew that gasoline is a problem, but other mechanisms are much worse.
I think you may need glasses. Your bias has colored your view of the world.
If you want to stop rape, you have to report it immediately to the police. It makes no difference if you will suffer more if you do. I do not care that women have different feelings and views. Women belong in this world, and the world is set up to punish people who break the law. Saying it happened 10 years later serves no one because it cannot be proved.
Why are blacks much more likely to be shot by police? Blacks commit the majority of crime in the country. It follows that they will be confronted and shot sometimes. Why is this so difficult to understand? Perhaps, the blacks should compete school and then would have more knowledge.
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