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I think the "cost" will be Obobo stamping his feet.
You are correct and we expected Obobo to reverse that bad thing as he promised to undo all the bad things GB II did. Obobo lied about that too.
There is a real difference between incorrect information collected by observers and outright lies. The first (Bush) is unfortunate and happens to the best of spy agencies. The second (Obama) is criminal and only happens to the worst of humans. The disgusting are progressive Nazis who equate the two for their own purposes.
As a former science academic, I can say that it is never OK to lie about results of experiments - period.
They cannot handle that many people.
Nazi liberals do not understand the difference between the truth and their lies. They never will.
Keep the plan, but replace the administrators with competent and honest Republicans. Then everything will be fine.
Who says this woman is intelligent? Intelligent people use evidence to back up their conclusions. They work hard to eliminate bias. Clearly, this woman is severely limited in her ability to reason.
You are missing something really good. It is very seldom that Hollywood comes up with a great series. I am a strong conservative and I think it is great.
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Business Leaders on Immigration Merits

Celsius Wrote: Feb 20, 2014 6:10 AM
This guy cares only about himself and his own business. When we get reasonable employment we can discuss legal immigration.
You are a really good comedian. That was very funny.
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