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MLK would be disgusted at the antics of these people who purposely misunderstand what happened at Ferguson to fan the flames of racism. His dream has been destroyed by self-interest and lack of concern for the young black men.
A fine young man. Deserves it!
Sometimes it is better not to speak on a subject. This was one of those times. He came across as a fool.
The president of the university is a progressive fool. It is people like her who accuse without any evidence. She needs to be dumped by the board. UVa has taken a large hit because of her.
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How Republicans Will Overcome Obamacare

Celsius Wrote: Jan 12, 2015 5:18 PM
A stupid and progressive statement.
Someone suggested that our leaders are cowards for not attending. No, I think they are sympathetic to the plight of the poor killers who died for Islam. We must remove our present leaders from office and replace them with real Americans.
The AP has caved to terrorism. Who is surprised? It has been a pc biased group for a long time. I hope this move against freedom of the press finishes it off.
Remember, low level intelligence people need a lot more study time to learn something.
The woman is just plain dumb.
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