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Hillary's Bullying the Media

Celsius Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 5:22 PM
This pretty well blows the myth of superior female intelligence. "Vote for Obobo - show how dumb you are!!"
The R's may win in 2014, and that may stem the tide of disaster befalling the US. But, eventually the D's will pull the country down in their quest for votes and control. It all depends upon how long it takes for progressive ideas to destroy the republic. I am in my seventies and wish to die before the transition to fascism takes hold. I now understand how low information voters can destroy a country just as people with their hands out can. There is no going back.
In a word, YES!
I am sorry to say it, but these pensioners are getting exactly what they voted for. I have no sympathy for them. They voted for the democrats. Now, live with it.
Man, if I were Lauper, I would be embarrassed to show really how dumb I was. This clears it up. Her songs were dumb and we now know why. She is too.
We are probably quite close. I agree that the next few elections will tell the story. The MSM has made so many low information voters that the progressive Na___ will not likely give up power and move more and more to destroy the republic. We have so many leeches and lazy people that it will be difficult to go back to a country that values freedom more than free food. Only a major upheaval will put us back to our origins. I am afraid that I am too old to see the return to sanity.
They need more than a slap in the face. They need to pay a huge amount for this type of behavior.
Online degrees are chicken degrees. You learn very little. I would not hire someone who had such a degree - of course, if I were Starbucks, I would, because you could be a monkey and work there.
None of the other dems has the guts to actually look into this matter. The whole dem senate has no ethics. I would not let them mow my yard for fear of their stealing my garden hoses.
The college is probably loading up the women with loans so that they will be in trouble later, but the college looks good here. What a probably disaster.
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