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He doesn't look a thing like Adlai Stevenson!
He's also a lawyer, making it perfectly understandable.
Is this simply a ban on OPEN CARRY, or are they asking CCW holders to leave their firearms at home as well?
The only Fluke I want anywhere near me is that line of good electronic test equipment.
I started working on Saturdays, cleaning my father's office, and summers out in the plant shoveling, hammering, lifting, toting, learning. This started when I was about 12. That radio I wanted, or the camera I wanted, I paid for. I guess I was a real sucker.
You also need to do a bit of homework: there is no provisions for write-ins in Mississippi. I will admit I didn't know this fact until this morning.
"I think football and baseball have an advantage in that the games are well-suited to TV viewing." And, features good breaks to cram in all those commercials.
At least that is benign. What about the fathers who push their boys - hard - to "go out for" some sport in which the child has no interest whatsoever? Is it THAT important to you to feel good about something you never could do even at that age?
" Soccer is largely a tedious game featuring long stretches of uneventful play punctuated by the all-too-rare moment of scoring..." As opposed to men in peculiar padded outfits and crash helmets running around bumping into each other, then standing around waiting for the 12 minutes of commercials to end, then do the same thing again and again.
I know bears. Bears are friends of mine. Barack Hussein Obama is no bear.
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