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When you hear the liberals crying racism, it tells you that more Americans are seeing Obama and his administration for what they are and they don't have a good response of lies for us, so they resort to things like racism.
Mr. Holder, you are the worst Attorney General we ever had and trust me, it's not because you're black.
Poor kid only making up 75k per speaking engagement, how is she going to get by? She can't even go to her parents for help, according to her mother, they're dead broke.
Barack Obama is systematically destroying our country and what is Speaker Boehner doing? he's suing Obama. This should stop Obama in his tracks, LOL
Why would anyone care what this has been thinks anyway?
This man is a disgrace to his position and to the American people.
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I'm Embarrassed to be White

Chassoo Wrote: Jul 07, 2014 12:37 PM
This person is an embarrassment to the human race.
This is nonsense, if Boehner had any balls, he would have a vote to impeach the President. This President is purposely destroying our country and Boehner is going to sue him? lol
And let's not forget he knows how to use a phone and a pen. He must be proud of that, he's told at least 20 times.
Finally a poll Obama can score high on. he is by far the worst president ever and alos the most radical. We don't his kind in a free country.
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