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This is all George Bush's fault! And if it's not his fault, there must be some racial reason obamacare is a mess.
The republicans are definitely not the answer. They just sit there and watch our country sink.
There's no doubt America is in decline, the scarier thing is, it's being done by design by our president. How can you take something over if you don't destroy it first?
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Polls: Obama, Obamacare Hit New Lows

Chassoo Wrote: Aug 01, 2014 3:43 PM
He has to create chaos so he takes us over.
The man checked out on everything, it doesn't matter what goes on. The only thing he hasn't checked out on, is his drive to transform our country into Fascism.
Obama told us a few years ago that the VA is the model for Obamacare. Is this what's coming with Obamacare? We all know where the more money will coming from, don't we? Us.............Obamacare will bankrupt all of us.
I think we should split the country in half will be run by the liberals and the other half by conservatives. we'll then wait 7 - 10 years and at that time we'll evaluate the 2 separate countries. My guess is, what we'll find is droves of people from the liberal half will be moving into the conservative half. The reason for this finding is, the majority of the population from the liberal half will finally realize that the liberal politicians are not implementing their policies for the benefit of their citizens, but instead to benefit themselves, financially as well as have all the power.
When you hear the liberals crying racism, it tells you that more Americans are seeing Obama and his administration for what they are and they don't have a good response of lies for us, so they resort to things like racism.
Mr. Holder, you are the worst Attorney General we ever had and trust me, it's not because you're black.
Poor kid only making up 75k per speaking engagement, how is she going to get by? She can't even go to her parents for help, according to her mother, they're dead broke.
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