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This just shows how much America has declined.
This isn't transparency to me. Not what we were promised.
lol......I guess our President thinks we're stupid as well.
Excellent point!
This lady is either a nut or has no shame. How anyone can vote for her is beyond me.
Ladies & Gentlemen, this is why I gave up going to the movies. I got tired of giving my hard earned money to people like this.
Because you're corrupt and not the smartest person in the race.
I stopped going to movies a long time ago, I will not allow myself to put money into the pockets of someone who's going to tell me how live and then I get to watch that person live the opposite way of what he tells me. Maybe more people should boycott these idiots.
This woman should be the poster child as to what a liberal education can do to a person.
I'm telling you......just place an R on the backs of the terrorists and Obama will be bringing out the nukes.
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