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Recent News Could Cause Panic for Obama Campaign

CeeDee Wrote: May 17, 2012 6:33 PM
Having recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary amidst all the obsessive determination to tear down the ages-old meaning of marriage between one man and one woman, that glue which which held communities and societies together for eons. My husband and I can tell you that God has used marriage to mold us more into His image--we have learned to love each other in a deeper way than any movie, TV program, or song could portray. In real marriage (the bride and groom kind), you learn to say no to yourself and there's a great joy in that. You can call it by any other name if you want, but marriage between same sex couples is not marriage at all, and I feel a great foreboding over the effect this will have on our nation if it grows.
Is it panic time at Obama headquarters in Chicago? You might get that impression from watching events -- and the polls -- over the past few weeks.

In matchups against Mitt Romney, the president is leading by only 47 to 45 percent in the average of recent polls. A CBS/New York Times panelback poll, in which interviewers call back respondents to a previous survey, showed Romney leading 46 to 43 percent -- and leading among women.

That's despite the Democrats' charge that Republicans are waging a "war on women" by opposing requirements that all health insurance policies provide free contraceptives. Evidently that's...