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Bread and Circuses

CeeDee Wrote: Feb 27, 2013 5:26 PM
Mona, it's obvious you hit the nail on the head--you can tell by all the yelping going on. Thanks so much!
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Random Thoughts

CeeDee Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 4:39 PM
"a godly man" will do.
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'Cooling Out' the Voters

CeeDee Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 4:33 PM
Note to thabber...I don't think Bush made a wrong decision in Iraq. Just because they couldn't find weapons of mass destruction, doesn't mean they didn't have them. There was a rumor at the time that said weapons were being sent to hide in Syria. That lead wasn't followed, but it's interesting to now know that Syria has a huge stockpile of these weapons.
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Say No to Feisty Liberal Moderators

CeeDee Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 4:37 PM
A good "Tip of the Day" for O'Reilly : "Be polite". And despite the "looking out for you", which is probably sincere, he is not always right. He believes that life doesn't begin at conception; but it does. That truth was always held until abortion was legalized and (probably under pressure) the medical gurus changed their minds and said that life begins when the embryo implants in the uterus. Absurd. The one-celled entity that exists after conception has all the DNA present in that one cell that defines him or her as a unique person and fulfills the scientific criteria needed to establish biological life which is Metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction. And that's the truth.
It's just refreshing to be able to laugh about some of the ignominious shenanigans of our current president. Thanks so much John Hawkins.
I agree with everything you have written--and would like to read the book, but isn't there ANYTHING that Congress can do about it? Impeachment sounds peachy to me!
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Obama the Genus, Err, Genius*

CeeDee Wrote: Jun 18, 2012 7:25 PM
He is pitifiul, but it's hard to pity him.
Having recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary amidst all the obsessive determination to tear down the ages-old meaning of marriage between one man and one woman, that glue which which held communities and societies together for eons. My husband and I can tell you that God has used marriage to mold us more into His image--we have learned to love each other in a deeper way than any movie, TV program, or song could portray. In real marriage (the bride and groom kind), you learn to say no to yourself and there's a great joy in that. You can call it by any other name if you want, but marriage between same sex couples is not marriage at all, and I feel a great foreboding over the effect this will have on our nation if it grows.
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