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The Romney Tax Plan: Lower Rates, Broader Base, More Growth

cedar rebellion Wrote: Sep 11, 2012 7:09 AM
What an interesting juncture. Under Obama, the US economy is toast and will simple turn to ashes under the windmill by 2016 if he wins but he may be able to kick the can down the road past the 2014 mid-terms. If Romney wins, any steps to fuel a recovery will contract the economy into a deeper recession along with Bernanke discovering inflation and kicks up the Fed rates timed for inflation to start running along with the 2014 mid-terms. Either way, I'd by pharm stock - gonna be alot of depression out there.
The left-leaning Tax Policy Center recently gave the Obama Administration a bit of political ammunition when they attempted to study Mitt Romney's vague tax plan and found a scenario in which Romney's campaign promises would force him to raise taxes on the middle class. While there was some controversy to the results - the American Enterprise Institute had a fairly large issue with which deductions that the TPC used, and forced a projections update - but the report nonetheless made an impact.

Conspicuously missing from the discussion over the Romney tax proposals has been any attempt to emphasize...