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As long as one lets Obama veto and blame the GOP for "shutdown", they all might as well put on their sheep skins and masks and say "baaaaa".
The GOP has an avenue that they simply won't use on "immigration". They could play the "importing killers -- killer disease, killer cartel members, killer drugs" etc. It's a campaign. Have "emergency" hearings on Ebola, viral TB, measles, endovirus, norovirus, chagas (and the list goes on and on). Make Obama the Contagion President. Make any Dem that doesn't vote to shut out all these horrible diseases radioactive. Keep voting and screaming about importing Death to Americans until you get to veto override territory. Ant that's just a start. Big targets. But, for sure, the GOP won't.
This is so simple even the GOP can do it. Make it a War Against Importing Diseases. And there's a long list of them starting to sweep across America killing the innocents - Ebola, chagas, viral TB, endovirus, resistent measles, whooping cough, chicken pox, etc. Obama should be named as President Contagion or the like.
Why the surprise? Harry Reid is the Joe Isuzu of the 21st century Democrats. Perfect for all those voters that don't know there are, in fact, three branches of government.
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The New D.C. GOP Agenda

cedar rebellion Wrote: Nov 13, 2014 7:29 AM
There they go again. The GOP should put the "fear of non-election" into the heart, minds and private parts of the Dems still attending Congress. They need to force the Dems to agree to not only to allow votes in the Senate (if McConnell reverts back to the dinosaur rules) as well as to override Obama's vetos. They should start with a simple one: Protect American from Contagious Diseases. It's almost so easy even Boehner can do it. Let him go out and bawl about the kids being killed by Obama's lack of halting the importing of killer diseases -- Ebola, chagas, viral TB, etc. Make a big deal of it. Folks, for sure, may be interested in the "agenda" but they are terrified of these diseases. Once the first override is done, the rest will follow along.
Never, ever, underestimate the power the GOP has to make a hash out of steak.
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What Happened?

cedar rebellion Wrote: Nov 11, 2014 7:35 AM
The left never gives up and just keeps plugging the narrative. The GOP should pass "immigration" reform in steps. First up would be to pass the Ebola Prevention Act followed by the Endovirus Prevention Act and continue through all the contagious diseases Obama and the Dems are "importing via wrong headed failures to screen "immigrates". I.E., weaponize immigration along two paths -- the first "targets" disease imports. Make Obama the President Infection. Oh, and do it for the children and women. Make the Dems vote for importing diseases that kill. Make Obama veto the bills that will cut down on Americans dying from imported diseases. Even McConnell can devise an "emergency procedure" to deal with the "crisis" of possible pandemics sweeping the country. Never let a crisis go to waste. Nows the time. After all, Obama declared war.
Let me be clear: Now we know how long it takes for the GOP leaders to know what we knew about Obama some 7 years ago.
The GOP should start calling him: President Ebola and President TB and President chagas and President Endovirus ... in short: President Commnicable Diseases. After all, what use are jobs if you're dead or dying from imported contagious diseases?
Beauty is skin deep; Democrat corruption is to the bone.
Isn't just great to live in Japan? Check out Japan's fianancial history these last few decades. And the kiting of gov debt just continues which provides the means to un-motivate huge swaths of working age folks. Let it be clear.
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