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Who really cares? California is going extinct anyway so why not make sure? Call this the Choose Life Not Abortion bill since any California male foolish enough to have sex with any female without a contract and a paid receipt will be neutered by their local vet. (they'll have to use the vet since there's really no doctors in CA now).
One loves sophomoric logic. If they "became ungovernable" then the rest of us can: a. shun Ferguson b. zero out any tax funds going there c. make it a destination for Obama voters Again, why does anyone wanting to live in Ferguson??
Darwin works in mysterious ways at times. The family of the instructor has our sympathy and support but can anyone stand up and say it wasn't his fault?
Well, for sure, Romney is no Nixon. Maybe he can get McCain or even a Dole or so for Veep. That should work. I can hear the enthusiasm from Elizabeth Warren's camp all the way from Mass.
The blacks are heading full steam into "self-segregation". Only it's not what most civilized "folks" would call "self-segregation". It's really just the result of sane people having choices. Those that support non-Democrat party policies (the sane) choose to shun those communities. After all, what person would want to live in a community like Ferguson. Or most of Detroit. Or what NYC is becoming. It's self-protection. If the blacks want all black police forces, why not? We have school bussing so why not simply bus in black police officers, bus out the non-blacks and have Holder enforce the city limits. Perfect. We'll deal with those communities demanding stores be rebuilt after they loot them later.
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Blacks Must Confront Reality

cedar rebellion Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 7:34 AM
The issue, then, is will the family ever be revived in these communities? It's beyond clear the nuclear family is the desired community "life style". Will it ever happen?
That's why we're so jumping up and down, marching, screaming at rallies in the expectation that Mitt the Kitty will be the standard bearer.
Not to worry, Obama will issue an Executive Order granting them work visa status along with a shiny new EBT card to buy the explosives, knives and guns they need. Obtw, anyone wonder why "monitoring" isn't "Gitmo'ing" these folks?
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First Step for Ferguson

cedar rebellion Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 6:49 AM
Since you don't know, why not restrict yourself to the facts? Saying the Ferguson PD was bad ignores the nearly immediate full court MSM, Democrat rush. The fact is you've no facts to support you assertions. We may know after the trial, provided Wilson's defense is sufficiently funded. After all, it's what Sourthern Democrats do -- lynch those they don't like; been doing it since 1865.
But it does cause male impotence, sea levels to rise, tornados, hurricanes, increases in ticks, Ebola, etc...
It's great seeing the Left in the wild. Love the family quote. Explains Ferguson, for example. And to think her parents didn't abort her?
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