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Typical totalitarian democracy of the Western socialist who will merely say "good riddance".
Interesting. Every day, serveral times a day, for years, the media has been trumpeting how jobs have been improving. As noted above, as one moves to a part-timer employment environment, jobs will appear "better". A better jobs measure would be, if you can find it, the total hours actually worked without adjustments. It's gotta be reported somewhere. The sophisticated can find average wages paid. The government hasn't been changing it's BLS, inflation and GDP calculations for nothing. Actually, the government should be forbidden to "adjust" the raw numbers and just concentrate on gathering and reporting actuals. Further, they should contract the gathering to the private sector. Everyone with access to tweets, texts, etc., has the CPU power and aps to do their own manipulations, if they care to.
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Like a Coiled Spring...

cedar rebellion Wrote: Jul 12, 2014 6:37 AM
After reading Judges, read 1 Samuel Chapter 8 regarding kings. It's, perhaps, the earliest recorded essay on government control predating the Greek philosophers by a few hundred years.
Just more racist ads. Harry Reid said so.
Oh gee. She took the fifth once in Congress. Works the same way in a civil suit regardless of jurisdiction unless they somehow have the Putin kidnap her and take her to Russia. Suppose the judge passes the case to Holder's DOJ for criminal proceedings. Now how do you think that would end? Worst case is the IRS "loses" the case. So what? No one is likely to be criminally tried. Do you suppose the IRS really cares about their public image? Really? What might happen in a couple of years is Obama to pardon the entire lot to "safeguard serving/working for the President" which would mean she should not be able to plead the fifth. Then she'll develop Alzheimers and, gee, "I don't recall" and "As best as I can recall - No! I did nothing wrong. No, I don't recall what the White House looks like." Etc. And if the GOP runs another "electable" in 2016...
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Tea Party: Learn From Al Gore

cedar rebellion Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 6:42 AM
One loves the logic. Let your own party cheat, lie, steal, etc., so we can later have a drink in the gulag together.
Telecommute. Lots and lots of NVa folks do.
In many ways, religion and government are totalitarian in nature. They have always competed, maybe even call it a "holy" war. One allows freedom and the other does not. To find out which, read 1 Samual chapter 8. It's very short. If you're only good for one paragraph, read the one starting with verse 10. The Democrats have far exceeded the "taking a tenth". For the internet search challenged, see: (there's a selection for the translation of your choice) What's refreshing, in a way, is Islam clearly states there really is no seperation of church and state.
That might be two fees. Maybe even 1 and 1/4th. Could even be she donated all the fees to herself if she considers herself a charity. After all, there's no proof? At least none the IRS will leak.
The only issue remaining is whether Ahmed Abu Khattala defense will unfold as an indictment against W, W policies, Western abuses of Islam and then him proclaiming the video was the "final straw" that caused him to take action. All that's needed is for him to say it even if 100% of the evidence presented proves, beyond a shadow, that it's just a lie. It's all the Left needs. Then, of course, he'll be rewarded, either commuted, pardoned, etc. Hey! Maybe even get five of his buddies sent home from Gitmo.
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The Stolen Job Myth

cedar rebellion Wrote: Jul 03, 2014 6:54 AM
I'll reread this article while queuing up to get vacinated against swine flu, tuberculosis and all those other drug resistant bugs the illegals are importing. Oh, and I'll reread supply and demand and how it impacts wages.
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