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Multiculturalism Is a Failure

cedar rebellion Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 7:18 AM
Williams is so right. Do this chemistry experiment to make high strength steel. put Iron, carbon, manganese, tungsten, and cobalt into a vat. Stir frequently. Pour into an I-beam form. Remove form. Oh, and don't use to build with it since without the melting of the components all you have is what you had at the beginning. That's why the "melting pot" worked for decades and why, in many ways, the nation isn't working so well. If anything, we're more segregated today then anytime in my lifetime.
At this juncture, one must realize that we just don't care, anymore, about the plight of the Left's favorite slave class of their voters. To use the words of the Ferguson rioters, it just aint ever gonna work. It's the Left's problem to solve. Actually, it's the black's problem to solve. When I was younger, I once had similar thoughts about "helping" the Left's voting blocks but, today, it's time to shun them, as in Amish and Jehovah's Witness shunning. Don't want to be "knocked down"? Shun them. Don't want to be attacked at Kroger? Shun them. Don't want to have your purse snatched in the mall? Shun them. Don't wnat to be raped? Shun them. And the list goes on. Until the Left manages to rewrite the crime stats, just shun them. Oh, and no money. We've just about beyond the "seventh generation" mentioned in the Bible. If they don't like Ferguson or anywhere else, let them move to Detroit. After a lifetime of accepting the Left's creations, it's simple time to shun. And, as Tommy Lee Jones told Harrison Ford in the remake of The Fugitive, "I don't care."
Amazing isn't it. If half the parents want school choice, then why are school boards run mostly by teachers union supporters? Nearly all are elected. Call them lazy. Maybe they need Obama to organizer them?
Right after todays round of golf, Obama will convene his Interntational Security Team of Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Oliver Stone, Courtney Love chaired by John Kerry to discuss ways to get the Islam "folks" to simply kill, and not behead, their non-Muslim supporters. It may take a coalition but early leaks from the White House indicate al-Qaeda, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR are considering asking the "folks" to just shoot them. Iran's mullahs are said to be preparing a fatwa describing the best Islamic way to execute non-muslims that excludes using a Muslim choppomatic. Even the Saudi royals are said to be the first to join on the basis that chopping should be reserved only under the direction of the Royal House of Saud. After all, it's OK to kill Americans, Brits, and other Westerners (especially non-believers). It's just the method that is, well, so non-Lefty.
One just must cherish the baying at the moon, barking mad, loons of the left - especially when they discover, via studies, of course, that: a. the Sun rises in the East b. men and women are different c. smoking anything is not good for you and the list goes on and on. Sophomores. The lot of them.
It really does help to have a list and rationale if one does happen to run into one the evil, hating, soap adverse, baying at the moon, barking mad nutter non-conservatives. If nothing more, reciting only part of the list will send them into orbit and turn their face red' whence their party name...
Life is pretty simple. Always has been. What black folks need to do is to regain their families and breadk their own, imposed, destruction.
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Obama Has Declared Himself King

cedar rebellion Wrote: Sep 06, 2014 6:51 AM
It is Biblical (ref. John Kerry's statement of the Bible demaning we control global warming). The only difference is Obama has no Samual (ref. 1 Samuel chapter 8).
The Dems must really be disgusted they haven't been able to flush the GOP Elite roaches out into the light to "act" on "broken" immigration. Just way too much pandemic possible diseases being imported by the Dems importing illegals for the GOP to jump. The Dems are starting to realize the GOP leaders are just a group of bold quaking bawling ....
Who really cares? California is going extinct anyway so why not make sure? Call this the Choose Life Not Abortion bill since any California male foolish enough to have sex with any female without a contract and a paid receipt will be neutered by their local vet. (they'll have to use the vet since there's really no doctors in CA now).
One loves sophomoric logic. If they "became ungovernable" then the rest of us can: a. shun Ferguson b. zero out any tax funds going there c. make it a destination for Obama voters Again, why does anyone wanting to live in Ferguson??
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