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The old adage of Hosea 8:7 should be read. Having instilled brainless multiculturalism, hatred of their ancestors and importing masses of "immigrants" that share the same hatreds how sophomoric to imagine a different result? There will be consequences of sowing the wind another Dark Age for the West, subjugation by Isam or conquest by Asians. Then, of course, there's the propect of importing civilization killing diseases although, imho, that is just a milepost.
The GOP, if they had a brain, would continue the Pursuit of Holder but move onto two major actions: 1. Impeachment of the AG, including Holder or whomever Obama appoints, for not enforcing the laws enacted by Congress. 2. Create a special Committee to propsoe Amendments to the Constitution to formerly extend totalitarian powers to the Executive including dispensing with the Bill of Rights and allowing the President to jail anyone for whatever the Administration calls a "hate crime". They need to manipulate the news cycles. Even if nothing ever comes from it. It's all about Goebbels today.
Not to worry about Sweden. They're choosing to shutter their nuclear power plants and opt to freeze to death during their winters. That is if their imported Arabs don't put them all on ice first.
It's OK for them to land subject to a 21 day holding period for passengers, crews and all those miliitary folks Obama sent to "fight" ebola with their nano-rifles. Quarantine is the best answer. We can put them up at the White's never used it seems.
The military gets to die for the political ambitions of Obama and the Left. Look at his history. Look at the casualty figures. Read the ROE's. Get on the plane to "fight" Ebola land where trained medical staffs are dropping like flies. The poll reflects choices a military person must consider today - risk years disobeying orders or be killed to keep Obama's poll numbers up. One's surprised nearly 15% think he's a great CIC and those must be the supply clerks.
Well gee. For sure, only the Left are baying at the moon, drooling, barking mad nutters that want the evils of Totalitarianism imposed on the world. In the name of Love, no less. Actually, as some point out, medically sex is mostly mental. The old shrinks had it rigth, deviations from sexual norm (that man-woman, birds-bee, make kids thingy) is mental illness. After Leftism, it's likley the most prevalent (about 1% of the population) mental illness that doesn't result in spontaneous abortions (aka, miscarriages). One should not hate them, they're that way from conception.
Women just want to be not afraid and "cuddled". The Dems have been successful at running "Fear Of" Stephen King-like horror campaigns telling women where the bogey GOP Men are hiding and what they'll do. Then, one day, they wake up and read about the 50-something women beheaded by a Religion of Peace Democrat supporter at a grocery store office. They've gotta then confront reality -- do they want free condoms, birth control pills, and abortions or do they want to keep their heads on?
Gee, imagine parents actually wanting their kids to be taught?
As Hillary has shown, it's easier to avoid Congress if one is no longer in the Cabinet. Holder stayed only as long as his activities were an asset in getting out the Dem vote and before he was the object of an impeachment process.
The question should be will Hillary beat the socks off yet another "electable" "moderate" the GOP will "select" in their backrooms of the DC swampland.
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Old and In the Way?

cedar rebellion Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 7:14 AM
The Left is great at rationing... Any bets they will apply this to you but find a "loophole" for themselves? Oh, and since you no longer need to have your estate, they'll take it when you die.
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