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The order shoul have been: First, totalitarianism. Second through fifth -- who really cares? Given the first one, Hillary said it best.
The GOP has put it's money where their heart is -- Cochran, et al. May they rest in peace.
The defense will proclaim the defendant was driven due to the > Mohammed Video of Obama fame, thus making it the fault of the United States Islamophobes. It will get worse from that point but will provide Dem talking point cover through the 2016 elections.
Much the same thing has been said about folks like McConnell, Graham, etc. Maybe this time? Interestingly, Grimes is running ads saying much the same in her race against McConnell.
To achieve diversity, kick the parents in the rear. No stinkin' government is gonna motivate kids.
Be sure to buy some marshmellows this week. The Book Burnings could be next: Is ending access for the Tweet Generation is just like book burning? Regardless, this is exactly where the "hate crimes" of the Clinton era set in motion and why the Left has been pushing the mime for decades. Ye Olde Historians call this Totalitarian.
Their solution will be passing an illegals bill this year. All problems will then simple just go away and they can all change their registration to Democrat.
The end result is totalitarian rule. By any means. It's the common theme of all socialism. Multiculture, sex, kids, etc., is all just another small cog in the vast gears of oppression the Left favors.
Funny. Reading is a virtue not restricted to someone thinking a holder of a PhD is god like in their wisdom. If you can read through your sputtering, try this: and then recall VDH is still, as far as Wiki knows, a life long registered Democrat, a possible "neo" conservative but still supported Democrats in his non-Stanford scholarly works. Point is, VDH helped create it and, at the twilight of his life is ready for the next generation to clean it up.
It seems Hanson is continuing his Book of Lamentations. Recall his musings from his journey through California that lamented the state of the CA State. Just like the Bibliical book by the same name, he merely laments the continued and unrepentant destruction of America which he helped enable. What's striking is his call to just Go To Babylon. I.E., After the Temple was burned to the ground by Hanson and the rest of the Democrats, just leave and let someone rebuild. There's lots and lots of failure to spread around and many additional Chapters of Hanson's Lamentations to write. At least is somehow fitting that one of the torch bearers recognizes the embers.
Viriginia have gotten the "Clintion" they deserve. Northern VA voters will cheer and them ask that energy companies (gasoline, heating oil, electricity) be jailed for "gouging". And there will be a motto will change of what VA is for - "Lovers" changed to "Losers". Democracy and sophomoric reasoning proceeds unchecked by reality.
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