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How cool is it for one State to charge another State with dealing drugs? Only in America. CO will likely raise the defense of racism.
the article is right. If you're a Christian, wish all those you meet a Merry Christmas.
The one that should be really, really worried is Al Sharpton. The Obama's are moving to take over the race industry in the US and surpass even the Gore Award of most successful ex-politician to reach 1 billion dollars of net worth based on lies and deceptions. Imho, he'll rename K Street in DC as Race Street and seek to build a mansion there with an direct link to Dulles for his taxpayer funded race-related journeys.
Ah, yes, a woman scorned is an awful thing to see.
Contributing to race-riot torn communities is a fools errand. Research the results of the riots of the 1960s using any meaure from property values, to ethnic mix, to poverty rates, etc. For the lazy, think Detroit. If you want to make a difference, and you're white, contribute to a black organization that is focused on traditional marriage and morals. Otherwise you're just putting a piece of gause on a wound that will only get worse. Contributing to doomed causes might allow you to feel you've "given back" but, in the end, you've just furthering pouring salt on a wound. Black Christian churches would be a good place for white America to contribute money.
One would bet a lot that Holder, the Dems and the media would protray this as simply a matter of "acting out" from the trauma of the lynching and burnings the Democrats did to the slaves and former slaves coupled with a reaction to white privilege. And the insanity of the Left simply marches on.
Exactly right. However, only an Article V convention will produce this result. It is time to modernize the Constitution. If not, then Michelle and her cohorts of Federal authoritative rule will be teaching your kids "Sieg Heil".
And note the "compassion" of the Left's feminists not going all in for this example of female courage from a person living daily under the brutality imposed upon women in these nations. What a stark contrast - supporting transgender "rights" while homosexuals are tossed off buildings and shot next door to the local female circumcision center. I guess one might say the Left's women have their heads tightly screwed on and quake in fear that a "Female Arab Spring" might sneak by them.
The answer to their question? All the government folks, from Federal through State were in conference with the Detroit government leaders on how to follow the Detroit model. It's unknown whether their meeting with the Chicago govenment occured covering the murder model so popular in Chicago.
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What's Rule of Law?

cedar rebellion Wrote: Dec 10, 2014 8:00 AM
This is a very difficult area since Williams is really talking about rules of law which are equally applied. The problem is "justice", or "fairness" or whatever tag one wants to use. Those measurement concepts change, sometimes dramatically and sometimes by war. Since race seems to be the forever topic, what if the nation passed "rule of law" that required the nation to restore former slaves and their descendents back to their country of origin along with some a payment equal to the average income of their country of origin times 100 (for 100 years of slavery)? It meets all the requirements listed in the article but... would .. it .. be a good law?
Couple of thoughts. 1. The Feds (including the courts) rarely state they (the Feds) cannot act. After all, the courts are all part of the same Federal family. 2. By the time the issue is really decided, Obama will be on Social Security and will have opted out of Obamacare.
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