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Walker will win.
Obama's two classes: zillionaires with zillionaire lifestyles (he and his crones, czars,etc.) and all us peons.
Perfect. American can now have their own Guardian and Pravda and not even have to warm the trans-Atlantic circuits. Can everyone now stand up when they see Der Fuhrer or an NYT paper and should "Sieg Mike! Sieg Mike!". The history of the 1900's reappearing today but has moved across the sea.
Always have wanted to ask folks "you'll volunteer to risk your life against someone trying to kill you under what scenario?". Try to make it believable.
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Republicans Unanchored

cedar rebellion Wrote: Jan 23, 2015 8:03 AM
Bawling Boehner. Re-elected Speaker. You really need more?
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The State Of Our Union

cedar rebellion Wrote: Jan 22, 2015 6:44 AM
The day after his last SOTU address in 2016 we'll know how many media people there are since that will be the only ones watching/tuning in. From this years numbers, we know there are no more than 8 million worldwide.
The GOP should, perhaps, politely listen (if they attend at all), and then just ignore his speech. They can say they've lots of work to do to fix all the screw ups, wrong headed, illegal, etc., he and his batch of super rich elite "you voters are stupid" czars. The message should be "Get the US back to work, not to the handout trough."
Obama and the Dems not to worry --- the GOP elite and their leaders, along with the Mitt the Kitty and Jeb the Jezebel will work tirelessly, overtime and on weekends to make sure Obama is more popular than they.
Actually, he's looking into running against Hillary in the Dem primaries. . . and he could win.
Another scratchy re-run of a broken record played since the 1930s will certainly fire up the base and along with the 3 real voters that will accidently watch it. Seriously, only pundits, MSM, the Pope and the Soros Occupy Ferguson folks will watch it. Oh, and Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Dr. Gruber just to laugh at how riduculously stupid the American public has proven to be.
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Is America in a Religious War?

cedar rebellion Wrote: Jan 16, 2015 7:17 AM
One might read the Quran and the Hadiths before jumping into the boat with the other sheep heading to the slaughter house of the Religion of Peace. Anyone with two neurons rubbing together in the brain should know any "brand" of Islam whose members are not Totalitarian and supportive of Islam conquests would be executed as an apostate -- and rightly so under Islamic writings. That one cleric that recently stated Islam is about submission is right. The "peaceful" Muslims just want to force you to submit and just prefer peaceful conquest rather than by the sword. The simple fact is we do have a "quarrel" with all Muslims. If they renounce Islam's foundations, writings, history, traditions and laws then, guess what? They woundn't be Muslims now, would they?
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