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Couple of thoughts. 1. The Feds (including the courts) rarely state they (the Feds) cannot act. After all, the courts are all part of the same Federal family. 2. By the time the issue is really decided, Obama will be on Social Security and will have opted out of Obamacare.
The Left is all about "destroying the old in order to build the new". It's one big reason the Left always wins (the what's-in-it-for-me). Sadly, even the luminaries of the Left fail to realize you can't build a house on quicksand and feces.
Conservatives need to work to get another 15 states and then call an Article V convention. Either the States assert their control or just mark the time to complete Federal Authoritarian government.
LIfe is really simple. The Left is just creating another crisis and then will step in with single payer and converting most MDs to gov employees. Maybe even SEIU card carriers as well. How great will that be.
Jeb will be right up there with the all time inspiring campaigns of Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney. The enthusiasm generated by him will be enought to fill Mary Landrieu's non-existent garage of her non-existent home in Louisianna. It'll be a great, great pick for the DC elities and the business supporting importation of cheap labor and epidemics. But of course they'll pick Jeb.
Look it up. Most states do not have limitations on bringing a criminal rape (aka sexual assault) charge. Even California if the rape was "aggrevated". Since drugs are included in "aggrevated", California can still bring charges where drugs are alledged, thus the investigation. However, on the civil side (were Allred makes her money), CA has a limited that tolled long ago for civil actions with the exception allowing three years after "discovering" one was raped. Since the woman that filed the lawsuit was out shopping a story some years ago, Cosby's attorneys have filed for dismissal due to the limitation on civil actions. Oh, and even if Cosby is charged somewhere and convicted, the civil cases will likely still be barred - definitely in California. Same in New York, Colorado, etc.
Every, and I do mean every, attorney walking the land has been taught in law school about escalation where a person that is being arrested for a misdeamnor resists arrest resulting in felony charges. It's simple enough for even a journalist to know. Anyone watching the video with the sound turned to mute will see Garner fit escalation to a felon by resisting arrest. Face it - he'd been arrested 30 times before and still had three changes pending in criminal court. The point - do not resist arrest. Even if the arrest is improper you will always, always lose the argument regarding escalation in court. You might win a civil suit for improper arrest but, for sure, do not resist. For that matter, don't try to take a gun from a cop. Don't come back to fight a cop with a gun. Darwin always wins.
Couldn't disagree more. Just won't work. Never will. The problem is NOT government unless one makes it a requirement for all schools (grade schools, colleges, trade schools, and all that "educating" the Left likes to talk about) are forced to play this at least once a day to each class: Fiddling with gov programs are simply doomed to failure.
Ferguson is simply the black race industry catching up with Occupy. What it has done, for most of those not in that industry, has absolved any feelings of compassion or willingness to fork over treasure and resources supporting. The article is right - arm and shun until they figure understand what this guy is talking about:
The only non-africans will remain in Ferguson only because they can't sell their houses.
If she steps down or whatever, I'm betting the GOP will start clucking and let Obama appoint yet another loon to SCOTUS. We'll know, for sure, if the GOP Senate will "take the issue to the voters" for 2016 or just stumble around their chicken house in DC.
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