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Treyvon Martin's atty evidently was hired by the family the day after the shooting. There are at least four different accounts, some by alledged eye-witnesses. Since we're all racists, bigots and all that the words of the Great Hillary comes to mind "what difference does it make?"
Williams studied political science while in college and learned to be less outspoken than most Hollywood lefites. Follow the money he gave to the Left and check the fund raisers he helped headlined. In many ways, he's in the group that's responsible for the state of the nation today.
Better to read the Bible than to watch anything Hollywood Lefties produce who then take the money you've given to see their product and use it to defeat your candidates. It's like the old quote "they'll sell us the rope we'll use to hang them".
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A Crisis of Confidence

cedar rebellion Wrote: Aug 11, 2014 7:14 AM
One does hope the messiah is not resurrected under the name of Warren or Clinton in three years.
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As It Gets Uglier Than Now

cedar rebellion Wrote: Aug 04, 2014 6:48 AM
Socialism, whatever form, from Adolf's to Mao's to Stalin's to Gorbachev's to Green's, always end, if successful, in totalitarianism. Always. Some, like China have "moderated" to a form of totalitarianian captialism (by allowing capitalism until there's a clear winner, then crushing the winner's competition). For many reasons, the West will not follow China's lead. Regardless, it's still totalitarianism. When you ask, or a person tells you, they're "progressive" you should thank them and ask why they want a Totalitarian State. Stops all that "war on women" discussion, taunts, smugginess and name calling.
If the GOP brain trust had another brain cell, they'd convene a select committee to propose constitutional changes using Harry Reid's ploy of proposing amendments to eliminate free speech. First up would be to propse the President be allowed to "act" when Congress fails to "act". Subpoena the Democrats. Include sitting members of Congress. Provide for spirited debate. Include an article allowing the President to assume dictorial Hitler style socialist totalitarianism and use a short name of "Obama Powers". Even pass it. Let the Senate debate it for the next two years. Even submit it to the States. Include a provision. Then include voter ID. Etc. Crowd out all the drival about "war on women" and "some folks say". Let them call the "some folks" and let them testify under oath an on the record. geez,, but they want to go to the Obama-stuffed courts to wave a piece of paper? gee.
See the "What difference does it make". You're one of the Whoopi "there's rape and then there's rape rape" followers.
Precisely what they did. We'll break the 6% threshhold on unemployment for the Sept report; October at the latest.
Yet another call to drop the pants and bend over, please, because they're worse than our candidate. The Moderates and the GOP elite supporters are just plain baying at the moon, drooling, barking mad nutters if one believes "just another time" will work this time. At the very, very, very best there will be only marginal changes. You vote for Graham - you get amnesty. You vote for McCain - you get amnesty. You vote for Rubion - you get amnesty. There's a pattern. Even McConnell, bless his heart, used the Senate rules trick to allow the Senate amnesty bill to bypass closure. See the passing of Senage Bill S.744. Go here to read it: Hillary said. It makes no real difference.
Add "it's what's repeated that counts".
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