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Steve, we simply want to see everyone work and pay their way through life. I don't know if you were alive in 1965 when LBJ started the "great society" which gutted the black family by providing cradle to grave entitlements. Prior to that, the blacks participated in society as working families. LBJ did this to buy votes for 200 years. You're smart enough to see through his trap.
This is what happens when a group gets extra rights.
Ticks are more photogenic than tapeworms.
California, the liberal test tube was notably missing as was Illinois. The rest are a blend of high income and high entitlement. New York, NJ, Conneticut and Mass are a bloc. Va. and Md. feed off D.C. Michigan used to be high union... where is it? Same as Ohio. Co. might be the lone example until the potheads who are moving there sign up for free stuff.
Eastern Pa. is much like New Jersey.
Scrapper... We have Ted Kennedy to thank for the "Family Reunification Act of 1965"... one of the most insidious, destructive laws ever written. We are going broke paying for anchor babies cradle to grave.
Thanks... I had a tracfone for years... mainly because I'm cheap, but partly to remain invisible, and kept it to about 1000 minutes a year which I used very sparingly.
'Commend your desire to be off the grid. How much convenience do you lose by not using/having the items you listed?
Most uaw members never actually voted for the uaw... it was the encumbent union at their workplace for years or decades. The new workers just start paying dues and see it as a tax or an inevitability.
Uhhh your computer just gave you away.
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Ready for Rand? Maybe not Yet

cdracka Wrote: Mar 11, 2014 8:21 AM
Re: your third para. My friend's father was a legitimate hero in WWll. In 50 years, how will the gravestones in Arlington be considered?
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