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Question: If illegals benefited Republicans rather than Democrats, how high would the wall be an how quickly would it be built?
Only wannabe snobs, real connoisseurs poo-poo "Charbucks" out of hand.
I am just intelligent enough to detect obvious sarcasm. At least I have that over you.
The real solution is to take the least effective and cost efficient area of medical care, Medicaid, and essentially offer it tens of millions of people who don't have insurance but most of whom are already eligible. Now, it might come with a $2 trillion up-front price tag, cost another $6 trillion or so over a decade and kidney punch our economy but at least we did something to help people.
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The Real Cost of Obama: $19 Trillion

cdavis211 Wrote: Mar 17, 2013 5:48 PM
The real cost of GWB was the election of BHO. We were on the Titanic, four of five compartments breeched, we had the chance to steer in the other direction and we decided to keep the current captain and turn into the iceberg because he was offering free Champaign at the bar.
Although WMD covered a few points of around 20 to make the case for military action it still seems to be the only point of attack from the Left. Well, not including the patently ignorant comment that Hussein had nothing to do with 9-11 - which was not even on the list or used to justify the invasion. "The Terrorist Watch" by Ron Kessler explains why Saddam let us think he had weapons straight from his debriefing after his capture. Surprising that it is hardly mentioned when talking about the subject.
"Democrats were for the war before they were against it. Me? I was always FOR the Iraq War. I question whether the civilians in charge of policy fought the war smartly- civilians including George Bush. But on balance I think it right that we freed Iraq from Saddam." So did over 60% of Americans. Unlike the rest of us, the person who actually has to make the decisions in real-time cannot change his mind in retrospect.
Oh noes it has teh scary pistol grip! Run!
" a crazed Tea Party activist " like Chris Dorner? As bad as Nemo could possibly be, it can not outdo the damage to the US that Sandy did (see Nov. 6th). At least New Yorkers will be OK. It's not like the public union workers will let people die for the sake of getting some overtime.
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The 25th Annual No Pants Senate

cdavis211 Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 12:50 AM
"Flunky see flunky do. " Yep. The federal government rewards failure and, apparently, so do voters. "Twenty five years into the non-stop fiscal crisis brought to us the Ying Party and the Yang Party" The party half comprised of economic illiterates feuding with the party of nearly all so. As Steyn puts it, "we're now the brokest nation in history." Nothing to show for the "Affordable Care Act" except for massive, new debt. The fact that Medicare supposedly costs more than 7x its projection gives me the little hope for the future.
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