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The Embarrassed Elites of North Carolina

cd13 Wrote: May 15, 2012 1:12 PM
Why was Bev shocked? What state has ever voted for gay marriage? NONE. When voters decide they opt out and only judges or legislatures cautiously mandate gay marriage. Never the voters. Over 30 states amended their constitutions so NC is in a majority and trend. 44 states make gay marriage illegal by statute as they define marrriage as a man and woman just as NC did..

This past Tuesday, May 8th, was a rough day for the liberal elites of North Carolina, as the people of their home state overwhelmingly passed the marriage amendment. In fact, it was so embarrassing for them that over the weekend, Gov. Beverly Perdue told a reporter, “We look like Mississippi.” For a liberal elite, what could possibly be worse than that?

There was, of course, the expected backlash from those outside of North Carolina, with thousands of people signing the petition calling for the Democratic National Convention to be pulled from Charlotte, also eliciting comments like these: “As an LGBT...