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Roberts won the primary, D-Taylor dropped out and Orman a liberal thinks he can win as a moderate. He is a liberal Democrat. NO one grows the conservative base by voting in liberal Ds who back abortion, IS and Reid.
The Democrats had no bench. Crist has won statewide and voters have some fond memoires of him. He has won and they needed a winner topping the ticket. Maybe his vote getting charm from former days would carry over to November 2014. So Florida Ds gambled on embracing for governor Crist a former opponent. We will see. After 2014 we will know how much Ds like and trust Charlie. Swing votes not so much though and they decide.
Good news, Michele will step out of the limelight and be private citizen come Jan 20, 2017. She can be normal citizen because we are all disposable in a republic,. She is not a Queen stuck for life in White House.
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Trey Gowdy Announces First Benghazi Hearing

cd13 Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 2:08 PM
Keeping the facts in the spot light is a heavy responsibility. Trey may get to the bottom of who died, why, when and how? Many survivors are hidden and Libyans may have perished that night 9/11 also. There was not much effort to secure the compound but then, Libya was a no man's land with wild weapons on the move. We have been in the dark for two years now and O won his reelection. Let us make sure Hillary does not move on up as his replacement 16.
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Race to Victory

cd13 Wrote: Apr 25, 2014 7:04 AM
Blacks were 16% in 2009 and a high 20% in 2013 in VA. If they can pull that in swing votes their claims are valid and they make the deciding difference. They did not vote enough to win 2010 or 2009. We will see if they will stop the GOP rising tide 2014. If GOP gain momentum, like a primary bandwagon we will grow momentum into 2016.
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Anthony Weiner Has A New Job

cd13 Wrote: Mar 25, 2014 6:56 AM
Weiner is waiting for a an open seat somewhere. He may have planned to run for Senate when Sen Shumer retires but that is no time soon. Of course NYC mayor is term limited I think so De Blasio is out in four to eight years.
The VOlt is a doomed brand and it can not be repaired with that name.
Too many consumers have been set back and burned for Obamacare to be a success. The Democrats own it and can not blame GOP for its faults. They are not the ones to lead as Obama lied bout keeping the plans we have and doctors.
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Mr. Speaker's Crocodile Tears

cd13 Wrote: Dec 17, 2013 6:59 AM
Boehner can not win again as Speaker on backs of Democrats. They will vote for a Democrat. Boehner needs 218 votes come January 2015 when House elects a new Speaker. Boehner went into Nov 2012 with a 25 seat majority and now has 17 seats. One member is in Drug rehab and not available for floor activity. Benedict Arnold could never come home again if the new US that he betrayed was home. British the mother country paid him a pension and he had favor but not from his neighbors and former friends for independence. Boehner may be banished to political wilderness again as he was 2006 and 08, this time for good. He can not win much worth having on backs of media and Democrats.
Obama is out of sight during Benghazi, the test and launch of ACA and NSA never told him how they expanded spying. Who runs the ship of state if he is not in charge? he spends a lot on staff and agency heads.
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