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Juan Williams: Ann Romney Certainly Seems Like a "Corporate Wife," Or Something

ccahir Wrote: Aug 29, 2012 3:41 PM
My husband and I borrowed money from my husband's father --- it was a loan, which we paid back with interest. Now -- was his interest lower than the going rate? Yes. Does it matter? No. The fact is, families help family members when they can. I'm so sick of all of the judgmental criticism that amounts to nothing with regards to solving our nation's problems.

I like and admire Juan Williams.  He's generally a class act and one of the more intellectually honest commentators the Left has to offer.  But this analysis of Ann Romney's home-run speech last night is just deplorable:


Juan casually declares that Mrs. Romney doesn't understand other people's "struggles" because she's a "very rich woman."  First of all, this commentary is cut...