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Juan Williams: Ann Romney Certainly Seems Like a "Corporate Wife," Or Something

ccahir Wrote: Aug 29, 2012 3:38 PM
I have had all the respect in the world for Juan Williams for years....but I don't think that Juan's views are fair and harshly judgmental with regards to Gov. and Mrs. Romney's life together. No one has a perfect life and they have obviously had their fair share of struggles. Just because they have succeeded in raising a family and made money, you condem Mrs. Romney. I'm poor, but I don't make harsh judgments on those that are rich. "Rich" is not a sin nor is it a crime. We will are fare better when we get to heaven, where God will not look at our clothes or bank accounts, but what is in our soul. We need to start a petition to fire Mr. Williams because we are tired of stereotyping and criticism of the Republican Party.

I like and admire Juan Williams.  He's generally a class act and one of the more intellectually honest commentators the Left has to offer.  But this analysis of Ann Romney's home-run speech last night is just deplorable:


Juan casually declares that Mrs. Romney doesn't understand other people's "struggles" because she's a "very rich woman."  First of all, this commentary is cut...