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The troubling times caused by troubling equality seeking individuals. In the minds of the few -- total destruction of those who disagree. The art of debate is over in this country. Sadly, many who forced HGTV to drop the show are the same who will one day realize that they were but pawns used by the Democratic Party to wage an independent (misguided) war against fellow Americans. One day, when they are old, they'll wonder why their freedom to speak disappeared. I hope that someone hands them a mirror for identification purposes. History is repeating itself -- the Germans were taught to hate the Jews, which they responded to the command blindly without question. The same here, hate those that oppose same sex marriage and destroy them at all cost, politically or professionally. When the Democratic Party drops you, just as they did with their own pro-life movement, don't be shocked or hurt. Just accept the fact that you were no longer the voter they were courting. In 2014, the focus is securing the minority (Hispanic) and tree hugger voter group. You are now yesterday's news that secure Obama's re-election. You are no longer important to him, and you owe the Democratic Party everything. Well, everything you will get, pathetically bad healthcare delivery system and your food and life will be based on portion size. (When the government tells you what is best for you, YOU are no longer exist. I hope you all are watching the horrible treatment veterans are receiving at the hands of VA Healthcare, as this will be your fate soon; long wait time, low bid doctors, and lies. Welcome to the Peoples Republic of Hate and Destruction.
What Sen Coburn and other head counters have not considered save the jobs the government terminated contractor positions to show cuts and savings. Ask Uncle Sugar how many contractor and Su- contractor slots were eliminated to keep Americans from feeling the pin of sequestration. I just don't think those laid off will agree that there was zero impact was zero on "Americans" when they are probably sitting at home rowing unemployment benefits.
as a veteran, I have determined two relevant facts...1. the last place to go for medical treatment is the VA hospital, as people die from neglect and most importantly disrespect. the upswing in not for profit groups demonstrate that the VA isn't meeting the veterans needs for care. 2. we are "heroes" but for a short time, and when that recognition fades so does public concern..
What a depraved society we have become. Completely indifferent to the morals and values of individuals who are self-proclaiming Christians. I guess the next logical step is to establish daily executions of the aged and disabled to keep heads of state warm in their palaces.
This is of no shock to those who hold dear the U.S. Constitution. The only way to subvert the 2014 elections "legally" is to silence those who desire to preserve the Republic.
couldn't happen to a nicer group of citizens
Her Majesty, Queen Sebelius, our former Governor, contracted for the Department of Motor Vehicle to receive an upgraded system....the results? Well, first day of launch was 1 May and the system crashed, registrations lost or duplicated, so after a good 4 hour long process that use to take 15 minutes resulted in no new tags or your payment was doubled because of the duplicate file that stated you had not registered your vehicle during the previous year. For months, the DMV operated on half days, taking in only a few customers a day, while the state was forced to stop issuing tickets for expired tags. It was a nightmare. I'm just proud that our Queen of Tech, has left an impression with the entire nation. Oh. the best part, she spent millions of taxpayer dollars for nothing. KS is finally out of debt because she went to Wash.!
Since Oct 1 I have read every article about the roll out of "Free to Me" healthcare. I have seen no tangible proof or evidence that there is an actual "product" that citizens are purchasing. Has anyone ponder the most obvious question -- could this actually be the largest, nationwide scam of the century? Every American paying a minimum of $150.00 -- times 45 million into a program for services that does not exist. Those states running the exchanges admit few doctors and even fewer hospitals willing to accept the "product/services" offered. So here are my two question: (a) what exactly are hardworking Americans paying for, if few are accepting the plans and (b) is there really any tangible proof that it really exists? And before you answer -- an individual purchasing "coverage" who was "dumped" into the state taxpayer funded Medicaid program does not count. I argue that absent of tangible proof, this is a nationwide scam.
"You had your will, now pay the bill." Regardless of whether it cost you your personal liberties or financial well-being....shut up and pay for what you wanted --- "free to me" health care! And keep breathing deeply as your "sticker shock" is not over, you have yet to see the impact on your state and federal tax returns! Sadly, none of you are upset enough to do something about it, you'll simply adjust your lifestyle to accommodate more governmental intrusion.
Who would have ever guessed that America would finally achieve Thomas Jefferson's warning: "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have." When governmental power is stronger than those it governs, it closes private parts, beaches, evicts homeowners from federal land, stops fishing in coastal communities, shuts down Amber alert system.....for what reason?????? To show who has the supreme power to disrupt your day-to-day life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. As I listen to the Democrats cry about the high cost of healthcare and where is the "free to me" insurance -- I tell them they had their "will" in the last election, now "pay the bill" are receiving exactly what you wanted -- a government powerful enough to give you everything, at a hefty price.
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