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Kinda of funny you know -- the IRS knows our every move and every penny we earned, but they can't locate the emails of SIX employees, that just so happened to be stored on Lerner's harddrive that simply crashed. The world of technology and inconvenients truths unfold before our very eyes.
Dear George Washington, if one of your family members died as a result of neglect, misdiagnosis, or denial of care would you state in their eulogy that they were a "Republican voter". These men and women are neither Republican or Democrat, they are men and women who served their country with honor and distinction. But you wouldn't understand that concept. Nor that your citizenship in a Republic vs. a communist country was secured by numerous generations who answered the call to serve. When and if this country fully abandons the U.S. Constitution, be prepared to loose your freedoms to post freely. I am a disabled veteran, and although I have to defend your right to free speech, I resent your cold and crass attitude towards the sick and disabled who were promised healthcare long before ACA. Just wait until your government turns their back on your needs.
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ccahir Wrote: May 27, 2014 11:45 PM
America stopped being a free nation of "informed citizens" when the press (TV and newspapers) sold out to the highest bidder. Free speech isn't free any longer and although we have the ability to blog, facebook and twitter, it can in no way make the impact of print and nightly news, that many people trust. Then you have another segment of society that has "tuned out" all together, preferring instead the latest and greatest show on Netflix, Hulu, etc. As a seasoned precinct walker, I will tell you that every precinct on average has 900 voters or so. Of those, there will be a large portion of "regular" voters, but many of those do not know their elected officials (city, county, state, or federal). If these voters are not connected to those they put in office, they do not fully understand the critical issues. This explains the over taxation of the masses, many of which do not know that the tax code was intended to confuse and intimidate. Many complain of the amount of taxes being stripped from their pockets, but few will actually challenge the need, much less the redistribution of those funds. The rich and politically connected simply increase their power and strong hold using the key phrases that voters want to hear. Case in point: When ACA was implemented, the Democrats;, who had NEVER read the bill were all on board, simply because the words they wanted to hear were repeated by all of the Democrats;...."if you like your plan, you can keep it." The VA Medical system is equally corrupted and the potential for future corruption is inevitable, its built by politicians for politicians. I was reading that the first Secretary of Veterans Bureau (later to become the VA) was removed from office because of corruption, mismanagement, and bribery charges. From its inception all the way up to today, the VA is exactly what the politicians wanted, a stump speech and money pit for the powerful. Sadly, the American voter base does not care about the VA or the veterans. So to believe that either the 2014 or 2016 elections will make a difference you are wrong. Nothing is free -- except phones, homes, food, medical insurance, education, etc. for those that believe this nation owes them the perks of loyalty. Sadly, the majority of Americans seeking restitution will always outnumber who prefer self-reliance and determination. America is doomed for destruction, the count down clock has been ticking for generations, growing louder by each successive election.
Isn't it sad -- America use to be about opportunity to achieve but now our nation's airwaves are being bombarded with an underlying message that there is an excuse for everything. No one wants to take responsibility for their actions. Sady, this "dumbing down of America" is quite effective and people enter the polling booth with a goal of "punishing" those who have inflicted an "invisible" enemy.
Feel sorry for employee's but a valuable lesson can be learned from this. Criminals don't read signs. Nor do they have respect for laws nor your rights. Got to be smarter than the criminals.
all of the "political posturing" will do nothing to those who are suffering. My heart and prayers go out to the nameless victims who died at the hands of greed. Their service and sacrifice was for nothing if we as a nation turn our backs on them now. Government cannot fix government; ;nor can we expect to root out greed and indifference. Our nation is in danger....and so many do not see the problem that will soon be their daily existence under socialized medicine, eating habits, and basic tenants of freedom. As I grow older, the more I see.
Its sad and troubling that our once great nation of democracy has been destroyed by so few. But remember there is not one scintilla of evidence of illegal or immoral conduct coming from Washington.
The fallacy of debating and calculating the failures of ObamaCare are futile. The law of the land was not intended to "deliver" any product, goods, or services. Like the "green energy" loans, the purpose was to make Obama/Biden donors and supporters RICH! Since congress cannot pass legislation to simply hand out bonus checks to the Democratic Party, the next best thing is to reward them with do nothing "government contracts". Please stop debating the issue of the "cost" to the taxpayers, when the real cost can never be assigned a monetary value --- freedom.
The troubling times caused by troubling equality seeking individuals. In the minds of the few -- total destruction of those who disagree. The art of debate is over in this country. Sadly, many who forced HGTV to drop the show are the same who will one day realize that they were but pawns used by the Democratic Party to wage an independent (misguided) war against fellow Americans. One day, when they are old, they'll wonder why their freedom to speak disappeared. I hope that someone hands them a mirror for identification purposes. History is repeating itself -- the Germans were taught to hate the Jews, which they responded to the command blindly without question. The same here, hate those that oppose same sex marriage and destroy them at all cost, politically or professionally. When the Democratic Party drops you, just as they did with their own pro-life movement, don't be shocked or hurt. Just accept the fact that you were no longer the voter they were courting. In 2014, the focus is securing the minority (Hispanic) and tree hugger voter group. You are now yesterday's news that secure Obama's re-election. You are no longer important to him, and you owe the Democratic Party everything. Well, everything you will get, pathetically bad healthcare delivery system and your food and life will be based on portion size. (When the government tells you what is best for you, YOU are no longer exist. I hope you all are watching the horrible treatment veterans are receiving at the hands of VA Healthcare, as this will be your fate soon; long wait time, low bid doctors, and lies. Welcome to the Peoples Republic of Hate and Destruction.
What Sen Coburn and other head counters have not considered is......to save the jobs the government terminated contractor positions to show cuts and savings. Ask Uncle Sugar how many contractor and Su- contractor slots were eliminated to keep Americans from feeling the pin of sequestration. I just don't think those laid off will agree that there was zero impact was zero on "Americans" when they are probably sitting at home rowing unemployment benefits.
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