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just watch the extreme right will be excised soon enough... tea party is toast
rather santa or easter than any of the dumba ss candidates u guys fronted this year. i mean bachman santorum gingrich,,, come on,.,,,, seriously
sure if u watch fox news.rasmussen is a joke, its their pollster. gallup even more so...every credible poll favored the democrats...home phone polls crack me up.... its 2012 gallup...
if u have to say that... its not true
Carlos7 Wrote: 15 minutes ago (11:56 PM) There is gas rationing in New York City ... Barack Obama is still the President. Bang-up job you did there Liberals. Stupid much? WTF... SO LESS GOVT. STAY OUT OF OUR HEALTHCARE ,ETC. BUT PROVIDE US WITH GAS LOL...... TOO FUNNY... THATS WHATS WRONG WITH U EXTREMERS NO COMMON SENSE, HYPOCRITS
what happened to private sector... god what a hypocrite. no universal health care but help us get our gas....pathetic lol
hopefully you just clean the classrooms and toilets cause you have no brains
stay in that bubble... but know this u and your ilk will never win a federal election.... maybe in the distant future a rino will but a right winger.... good luck lol
yeah that solved all your problems lol
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