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of course there is.... are u and idiot
like u would know
and glad i did
he is a disgrace because he is a bully with no sense of decency
that comment proves how stupid u are
oh right and because i support gay equality i am a fa g, bunghole lover e tc . lol
by we u mean you and a small minority of your party... a large portion wants to restrict civil rights for gays, deny women the right to control their own bodies and on and on.... and im a straight univ. graduate with god forbid gay friends a good job... liberal bent... i believe in helping the less fortunate, it helps society in the long run, but according to a large part of your party im a ahem taker, blah blah blah,,, u guys are being left behind while society progresses... go to a university campus sometime
problem is the sensible moderate republicans placated the looney christian right and tea party loons for votes to their own detriment and now the chickens have come home to roost lol... but let these extreme conservatives form their own party... good luck with that
just watch the extreme right will be excised soon enough... tea party is toast
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