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you do ur side so proud lol
? talk to your family..
dude now im being nice. ur family needs to get u some help... no offense intended
HeartOfStone Wrote: 3 minutes ago (12:19 AM) I am really glad that we had Romney's full words on film rather than the taken out of context BS from the DNC. You would think they had a clue about not being able to get that BS over on the general public. But I think their strategy right now is not the general public, but their target is their stupid base, then later they will work for the middle. The GOP needs to think about this and keep it into perspective; expect it as their strategy; garner the dumb now and work for the middle later. wow thats nuts..... obama has the base... romney not so much
its crushing me emotionally .... really it is... im gonna go on antidepressants now lol
fell outta my seat on that one
obama is a breath of fresh air, decisive, compassionate, calm, and above all intelligent... everything bush was not
who is billo
farts again ....ewwwwwwww...... yes leftist media blah blah blah... they got obama the election blah blah blah... when he wins... media blah blah blah
dude ur obsessed with farts lol gross
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