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That's the absolute truth, so obvious on these blogs. They virtually parrot everything Rush and Fox News put into their heads. Not an original thought among them all. It would be nice if people listened to two sides of an issue, or even read the Constitution and knew what it contains. If they did, they'd know that much of what George W. Bush did was illegal and unconstitutional, they'd know about the crimes Mitt Romney and his operatives have been committing throughout this whole 2012 election process (and even prior to it) in order to make Romney the "assumptive nominee," etc. AND they'd know that Obama didn't write the Affordable Healthcare Act for American's (aka "Obamacare").
Why? Are they Republicans, so-called? Today's Republican Party is not truly Republican; they're Neocons--with the exception of Ron Paul, a real Republican after the original model, the only true conservative, the only Constitutionalist, the only statesman, and the only honest politician in the whole scenario.
Did you ever listen to anything other than FOX News while Dubya was in office? If so, you knew that we were in a recession well before he ever left office, and that no matter who his successor might have been, they couldn't have gotten us out of Dubya's mess in the same 8 years Dubya had to get us into it, let alone the three and a half years you seem to expect the incumbent to have performed miracles. I can honestly say that, and I used to be a Republican--before Dubya. Now I see that today's Republicans (really Neocons) and Democrats are basically the same side of the same evil coin that's bent on taking this country down. If you Neocon supporters would take your heads out of your own posteriors, you'd realize that. RON PAUL 2012!
You don't get out much or read anything but Neocon propaganda, do you!?! Try rounding out your knowledge base.
Cute, but you're betraying your ignorance. He's the only caring, honest, Constitutionalist Republican candidate who ran in both the 2008 and 2012 election primaries and caucuses; the one from whom Mitt Romney, the GOP, and the RNC stole most of his votes and delegates to make him the "assumptive nominee." Surely you can't be serious! Get out much?
Not so. Just keep living in la-la land.
How about concentrating on the ONLY candidate who can get us out of the mess created by Dubya and made worse by the incumbent? RON PAUL is still running, Romney has multiple lawsuits against him for repeated and rampant election fraud throughout the 2012 primaries and caucuses and, if justice prevails, won't be found qualified to even run for President (nor should he), and he only plans to bring us more of the same that has never worked in the past and won't work now nor in the future. RON PAUL for President 2012! The only candidate who really cares!
RON PAUL for President 2012!! He's the true conservative, true Constitutionalist, true American who can save this country if we just give him the chance!
It's about time themedia stop promoting him and start being honest. They did Ron Paul a colossal injustice in giving him bad publicity or ignoring him altogether; now the "assumptive nominee" deserves to be given the bad press he deserves. He and his operatives have stolen votes and delegates from Ron Paul (and probably others) through rampant election fraud of every description in virtually every state in the Union throughout these primaries; about time they give the crook what he deserves, and about time justice prevails and he serves time for what he's done to defraud the People of their right to choose their leader. If we stop allowing this kind of thing to happen, maybe future elections will reflect the People's choice.
Maybe it's because 1) candidates for President of the United States aren't supposed to be campaiging ABROAD, and 2) because most of what he does IS a misstep. Hard to find something good about what the man does and says, since 1) most of what he does is either unethical or just plain criminal, and 2) every time he opens his mouth he sticks one or the other of his feet in it. The findings of his lawsuit for multiple acts of election fraud should be coming out before long, when we'll know whether he's even been found qualified to run for President. The RNC and GOP insisted on giving us a criminal for a GOP candidate. What else do you expect from anyone except what he's getting? He certainly doesn't deserve adulation.
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