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I'm an idiot for caring about what children eat? Nice, you're hateful and retarded.
YEA! STARVE 'EM ALL!!!! ....?
Those pesky jackbooted nutritionists...
Hold on... I can't wait to hear this response... Good nutrition and healthy foods negatively impact the lives of our children... how?
There's that American spirit the rest of the world has come to know and love.
It's good thing they're not then... considering this is a policy for public schools, paid for by public tax dollars... Perhaps you need glasses.
LOL, great parenting. Let your children dictate to you what their nutritional choices will be. Why should you care, right?
This is exactly the type of government I want. One that takes an interest in providing children with quality and nutritious food. Cheers.
They can't possibly provide different lunches for every different type of child. Hence, them providing an adequate portion for what is the most common and average type of child. You do also realize that we are talking about one single meal... right? Your extremely large child can also eat at home whenever they want... bring to school whatever they want... If it is a matter of this, you should be advocating every school opening up children to be able to order any type of food they want. Should we just open Taco Bells in every cafeteria to save time?
You do realize the federal government has mandated what schools can provide for food for quite some time right...? And you realize of course that all they did was change it to something more nutritious... right? And you do realize there is an amazingly large difference between a public school funded by tax dollars and a private residence... right? Or is the tin foil wrapped around your head too tightly?
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