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Good Economists

cbeckman Wrote: Jul 17, 2012 9:47 AM
Excellent article. It's unfortunate that most "Somebody ought to do something" liberal thinking fellows won’t read or understand it. Brings to mind the saying “An economist can control the economy about as well as a weatherman can control the weather.
It's difficult to be a good economist and simultaneously be perceived as compassionate. To be a good economist, one has to deal with reality. To appear compassionate, often one has to avoid unpleasant questions, use "caring" terminology and view reality as optional.

Affordable housing and health care costs are terms with considerable emotional appeal that politicians exploit but have absolutely no useful meaning or analytical worth. For example, can anyone tell me in actual dollars and cents the price of an affordable car, house or myomectomy? It's probably more pleasant to pretend that there is universal agreement about what is or is...